Types of Kites That are Cool!

There are so many types of kites around the world.

You can see many of them at the different types of Kites Pictures by clicking here.

The great thing about kites is that they are so bright and beautiful and loads of fun to fly.

We have many kite types for all kinds of weather, light winds to strong, heavy winds.

I have seen quite a few and also discovered a few different ways to use kites other than just flying.

Did you know that in some countries they use kites in a type of dog fight. The idea is to cut the string of your opponents kite which makes his fall to the ground. Who ever wins the dog fight gets to keep their opponents kite - Woo Hoo!

Did you also know that different types of kites are used for fishing, surfing, snow skiing, sailing and landboarding just to name a few.

How many times have you seen people flying kites down at the local beach and thought to yourself - that looks like a whole lot of fun? Click here to see these fun Beach Kites now.

We have got a huge variety of different types of kites for you to see and as we all know you can never find everything you want by shopping from one place.

Therefore we have created two places for you to shop for your favorite kite type.

First of all you can browse through our Amazon shopping links or if you prefer you can also scroll down the page to our eBay shop. The important thing here is the choice is yours, giving you the power to make up your own mind.

Little Kids Love Single Line Kite Types

kids types of kites

Single line kite types are great for all the family. If it has been a while since you last flew a kite, may I suggest you start here.

Kids will particularly love these kites as they are the easiest of all to fly.

They also love the bright colors and the many different shapes and sizes they come in.

Select from a diamond kite, delta kite or an animal kite design to stimulate their kite flying fun.

Older kids prefer Cool dual line Kites

types of kites

The older kids, teenagers and adults are looking for kite designs that will test their skills.

Dual line kites are the perfect type for them.

Some kite stunts they can learn and perfect are loops, high dives, ground hugs, figure 8's and many more.

To perform these stunts they are going to need a dual line kite that is fast, agile and powerful. These kites are serious fun!

There are two types of dual line kites available

  • Fibreglass frames; and
  • Carbon Graphite.

The fibreglass types of kites are excellent for beginners to dual line kites.

Carbon graphite kites are used by the professionals in World Championships. Don't let that scare you off though, these are a superb kite to fly.

Cool Kite Types from eBay

There are so many different kite types and designs for you to choose from and most people like nothing more than to find themselves a bargain.

So when you are looking to purchase a kite as a gift for a family member, friend or even for yourself here is where you can get great bargains.

The very best way to select your is by clicking this link.

Kite Directories and Information

My Best Kite - Build up your collection of home-made kites. My Best Kites have a large variety for you.

The Craft Directory - Arts and Crafts Search Directory

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Exciting Types of Kites

Here are some of our exciting types of kites for all ages.

You will find our ever popular 3D animal kites, delta kites, box kites, beach kites and so much more.

All you have to do is click on any of these links below and have fun!

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  • Different Types of Kites

  • Japanese Kites

  • Kite Flying

  • High Adrenalin Stunt Kites

  • Wind Kites

  • Various Kite Designs, Shapes & Sizes

  • Kite Parts for Those Nasty Accidents

    If you're quite the handy type of person, you may want to make or build your own kite.

    Here is some interesting kite making information for you (again just click on any of these links below).

  • How to Make a Kite

  • How to Build a Kite

  • The Fun and Exciting World of Kite Making

    Would you agree that kite flying is a lot of fun?

    I'm pretty sure you would.

    How about making kite flying fun for even more boys and girls, mums and dads, uncles and aunts, grandmas and grandpas, well just about everyone?

    Next time your out flying your kite, get someone to take photos of you.

    Then just click on this link below and tell us all about the day you went out flying your kite.

    We will make sure to get your photo/s up quickly for people all across the world to see.

    Then they too will want to join the excitement of flying many different types of kites.

  • Here's Where to Show us Your Kite Pictures