How to Make a Kite

Learning how to make a kite is fun as this style of aircraft is so easy to fly.

Now the first thing that you are going to need before you make a kite is a shopping list as you're going to need a lot of materials. Ready? Good.

To make your own kite you are going to need some dowel about pencil thickness and 2 meters long. Next you will need a rubbish bin liner. Last of all we will put a nice looking tail to fly off the back of our kite. Hopefully you already have scissors, sticky tape, elastic bands. Got everything? Great.

Are you ready to make your own kite?

Let's Learn How to Make a Diamond Kite

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The diamond kite is not exactly a stunt kite. However making a diamond kite is easy and really cool to fly. Perhaps when you get good at making and flying your diamond kite then you can experiment with a stunt kite of your own.

We will start with your dowel.

1/ Measure off and mark a length of 105cm and 95cm respectively and then cut your dowel at these marks.

2/ Now place a dot exactly at 47.5cm for the short piece.

3/ Cut a small notch in the middle of all four ends of your dowel.

4/ Place the shorter dowel horizontally over the longer.

5/ Glue and tie this joint together making sure that you have a good strong cross.

You are now half through learning how to make a kite - Well done!

6/ Now use your string to give added strength to the frame by passing it through the notches by making a diamond shape with it. It is very important that your two sticks remain exactly straight up and down AND perfectly across. how to make a kite 03

7/ Place your rubbish bin liner under the frame. Cut this to the same shape as your kite frame allowing an extra 4cm hem.

8/ This is how to make a kite stronger. Make a 2cm fold along the edge for added strength to your kite sail and sticky tape down. This time make a 1cm fold and tape down. Repeat this and again tape down. Your sail should now be attached to the kite frame.

9/ Measuring your cross spar mark the distance half way along between the spine (or vertical dowel) and the end on both the left and right. Attach your strings here (these may need to be adjusted depending on the balance of your kite). Secure when ready.

10/ Now how about a tail? Let's make this 2 meters long and decorate it with some crepe paper or cellophane bows. That's it. That's all there is to making your very own kite.

Why not go show your friends and tell them about this website so that they can make and fly their kite with you.

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