Japanese Kites

japanese kites are magnificent

Japanese kites are magnificent. Not only are each and every kite an example of a craftsman's workmanship, they are also a detailed work of art.

As there are so many different types of kites and kite patterns you have a good variety to choose from. The Japanese still use some kites for fighting.

Traditionally these kites served a purpose for the Japanese people.

There were kites flown to guarantee a good harvest, to give thanks for a good harvest, to ward off illness and bad luck, and to congratulate new parents of a baby boy.

The kite framing material is mainly bamboo. It is renowned for it's strength, flexibility and is very lightweight which is good for flying.

The sail material is mainly Japanese handmade paper called "Washi", which has amazing strength.

The Japanese would build extraordinarily large kites also, some as large as over 1000 square feet (93 square meters). Then all they had to do was get their kites airborne. This is no easy feat and would require several people to assist.

The kite lines were made of rope and there would need to be rather strong winds to get these kites launched. Each kite would be propped up on bamboo poles to create the take-off position, then use the ropes to keep resistance against the wind to create flight.

Click here to see an excellent example of this entire process.

Japanese People Making a Kite

Different Types of Kites and Kite Patterns

There are still several types of kites available today.

Click on any of these kite links below to view and own your very own kite.

Here's an idea for you - why not get a bunch of friends together and each of you purchase your very own kite.

Then repeat the kite fighting that the Japanese would conduct. Wow, how spectacular would that be.

There's no need of course to build your own huge kite/s as I'm pretty sure that today's kites will do the same job.

Have fun with your new kite/s and may the wind be with you.

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