Beach Kites

What is it about beach kites that make them so much fun?

I do not know the amount of times I have been driving passed one of my local beaches when I noticed a kite flying and to be honest, I wished I was the one flying it.

If you have never flown a kite anywhere, may I suggest you are really missing out.

"Ah that's just for kids. Grown-ups don't fly kites anymore. Kite flying is So Boring!" These are just some of the reasons people say about flying different types of kites.

Truth is, each reason or excuse may not be right. I wonder when they last flew a beach kite if ever.

Recently I took my kite out when it was quite windy. Approximately half an hour later, I had to go home. I was exhausted.

I knew my level of fitness was lacking, however due to the strength of the wind, it took a lot of energy to continue flying. That was a really good day, so much fun!

The important thing to know about kites is what type of kite designs best suits you - easy.

beach kite

There are several different designs to choose from. Such as

  • .

These kites can be flown using a single, dual or quad (four) strings.

People fly kites for fun at the beach, in the surf, when they go camping, on holidays, on the snow and ice, in competitions, at festivals, for fishing, even big ships use kites to tow them through the water.

Kite flying really is a lot of fun and kites make excellent gifts for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, congratulatory presents and "do I have to have a reason to buy you a gift?".

Take a browse through our kites by clicking on any of the above links.

One piece of advice I may give is, if the kite is for a young beginner I would suggest either a Diamond, Animal or 3D kite.

All of the others are for older and/or more experienced fliers.

Hope you have happy times with your new kite/s.

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