Airplane Landing Videos

Airplane Landing are sometimes caught on video.

These videos make you glad you're not on them, whilst others are clearly a reflection of a pilot's professionalism.

Watching these planes through the landing process is quite enjoyable and nerve racking at the same time.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did putting them together for you.

Amazing Landing Videos

There are a whole bunch of steep, cross-wind, hard and failed landing gear videos here for you to enjoy and be amazed at.

I have not included any airplane crash video as I preferred to show the skill (or lack of professional skill) of these airplane pilots as they faced what was presented to them at the time of landing their planes.

There are many videos capturing various planes attempting to land in quite hazardous and tricky situations.

For example you will see here some videos where the airplane/s are not approaching the runway straight.

You might be thinking that this is really going to end up a disaster. However, whilst the actual landings may have been a bit wobbly each plane has been brought under control again by the pilot/s and a crash did not eventuate - thankfully!

Really gives you a feeling of appreciation for what these men and women face when at the controls of their airplanes.

Cockpit View at Tegucigalpa Honduras TGU

Try land a plane without an under carriage i.e. no wheels

Army airplane landing without nose gear

Cockpit view landing into new York JFK airport

KLM Boeing 747-400 approach into Curacao

How to land an airplane without an undercarriage at all

Supersonic Tu-144 hard landing

Water Plane's hard landing

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