Free Flying Games

Free flying games - are three of my favorite words separately and collectively.

Most people love when other people give them things for FREE.

There are several types of free games here including an online flying game.

So let's get started and see what is coming to you that is free.

How about

Free flying game No. 1

Free flying game 03

using paper?

Making your very own paper airplanes is a great place to start.

Paper is available almost everywhere, it is very cheap if not free. It is colorful (red paper airplanes are the fastest paper airplanes in the world).

One more fantastic benefit of paper airplanes is you can play this free flying game inside or outside. Paper airplanes are so portable, fly all the time without the need for batteries, they are quiet (the pilot is the one making all that noise) and there are so many different models.

There is a huge range of models of paper airplanes to be made and you don't have to go far to find them. You could make for yourself a whole airforce or better still get your friends together to help you. Then you can enjoy your free games together.

Why not have airplane races?

Whose paper airplane can fly the fastest, the longest, do the most stunts before landing, is the most colorful?

Also try standing at opposite ends of a room and throw your paper airplane toward each other. Whose plane crashes into the other one first.

One more idea - try standing somewhere high (and safe). Now fly your free paper airplane and watch it glide through the air for you. Watching paper airplanes in flight is really good fun.

These flying games are so much fun and remember they are also free.

Free flying game No.2

".... but wait - there's more!!"

Of course you want another free flying game to enjoy. We are not even close to running out of these great flying games.

Follow the link above to make the fastest paper airplane AND a stunt paper airplane.

How do you know that we have the fastest paper plane in the world? Easy - just listen to it.

Free flying games

free flying games 04

Your passion for these free games is sensational.

Do you want some more? Of course you do - let's go.

Here is another one for you to make however this time you may have to spend a very small amount of money (I know it's not free however it is SO cheap to make it may as well be free.)

This particular game is definitely an outdoor game and will keep you playing for a long time. I know that you are going to enjoy it.

Here's the link...

Almost free flying kites

Free online flying games

free flying game 02

Let's now have fun with free online flying games - Good Idea, Yes?

OK, OK - so it doesn't exactly fly however it is free and it is a game and as this is about airplanes - that is close enough for me.

Just in case you missed it - try this out. I'm sure you are going to love the huge amount of jigsaw airplanes you can play with.

And when you are done there, here's another amazingly fun game for all ages that is FREE!

Click here for more free fun flying games

Flying games to build

The fun gets even greater when you can build the game you want to play.

This flying game is so cheap to make that you may as well consider it to be free.

Have you ever considered building your very own kite?

Well how about making one right now - I promise you it is not difficult at all and in a good breeze has excellent flight ability.

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