How to Make a Paper Airplane

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You want to learn how to make a paper airplane - right?


You have come to the right place.

Shall we get started with your first paper airplane? Cool.

Learning how to make paper airplanes is amazing fun and very interesting. You will quickly see that your one paper airplane will fly very differently to another plane.

Hope you have loads of fun with it.

Directions to Make Paper Airplane called...

The Inverter

The Inverter is really an amazing paper airplane. Here's how to make it.

Get this - you sit down for approximately 5 minutes to make a paper airplane. Then you stand up and launch it and right there before your eyes this airplane does the best stunts. That is what the Inverter does. It really is great fun.

Imagine being the pilot inside when it is flying. One minute you are flying straight and then you're upside down performing all kinds of tricks in front of a large crowd. How good is that?

Making paper airplanes is the greatest of fun for people of all ages. It is cheap, relaxing and lots of fun. You may even learn a thing or two about aerodynamics of airplanes while you're flying them.

Click Here to Make a Paper Airplane Called The Inverter

Make a paper airplane called...

The Easy Glide

Kids all over the world ask how to make a paper airplane easily, particularly boys. Their imaginations are amazing as you watch them fly their airplanes at the speed of light.

Then there is the sounds they make as the planes scream across the sky. Sometimes added to this is bullet and/or rocket fire, laser guns, bombs and anything else that they can think of.

Have you ever heard of Oragami paper airplanes?

Origami (correct spelling) means to fold. Therefore when people want to learn how to fold a paper airplane, they simply want to learn about origami.

Whenever you make a paper airplane, you are shown the art of how to fold a paper airplane. So when you see the word origami you will know that you can do it.

Click Here to Make The Paper Airplane Called The Easy Glide.

Directions to make paper airplanes called ...

The Jetscreamer.

how to make paper airplanes 02

There are three things you have to remember when learning how to make the fastest paper airplanes -

1/ The name of the airplane must sound like it is fast.

2/ You must know how to make your paper airplanes sound fast. Do you know what a fighter jet sounds like? Good; AND

3/ You also must know how to make The Jetscreamer.

Let's do something different with The Jetscreamer. Let's make 3 or 4 of them.

Then what you can do is hand them out to your friends and race them against each other. Write your name on your airplane or make them with different colored paper.

Here is another suggestion. Why not form your very own Airforce. You could be the Flight Lieutenant, in charge of the whole squadron of airplanes.

Click Here to Make The Jetscreamer.

Now I have a real surprise for you. I can guarantee that you had never thought of learning how to make paper airplanes like this before.

Did you know that you can learn......(drum roll).....

Without Using Paper.

It is SO easy to build paper airplanes without using any paper at all.

Something else that is so amazing - there are many, many airplanes that you can build right there on your computer. Do you want to learn how? Click here to build your very own e-Paper Airplane.

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