Jet Paper Airplane

The jet paper airplane called The Jetscreamer is fast, powerful and lethal.

It has been used in several war missions and both the pilots and navigators say that it is a very successful and effective jet airplane.

Here are the details -

The Jetscreamer has been fitted with 2 Rolls Royce engines and together are able to produce enough energy to propel your airplane to a top speed of Mach 1.6 .

The plans for the jet paper airplane called The Jetscreamer are right here (click this link).

Building one of these is neither difficult or too expensive and added to the overall performance of this paper airplane, I am confident that you will be pleased.

Another one of our paper jet airplanes is The Pace Jet.

This particular jet airplane is not built to break speed records. However it is very fast and can respond to an emergency quickly, whenever needed.

In the past The Pace Jet has had very good success when encountered in battles with an 85% success rate and a 12% downed rate.

It has been fitted out with 4 @ .50 calibre Browning cannons and can carry up to 8 missiles.

Again the plans for this paper jet airplane are easy to read and understand. This allows you to assemble your Pace Jet squadron quickly and inexpensively. Paper Jet Airplane called The Pace Jet We are confident that with our paper jet airplanes and your very high flying and navigational skills you will be very successful.

If you prefer you could pretend that you are the pilot of one of the Boeing 747's or an Airbus A380 aircraft carrying passengers from one country to another. This is exactly what American Airline and United Airline pilots do every day.

Would you now like to try flying a stunt airplane?

I thought you would as flying a stunt airplane is amazing fun.

The Inverter and the Swoop are two really great paper airplanes. You will be amazed at their performance. Follow this link to the best paper airplanes.

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