Best Paper Airplanes

To have the best paper airplanes means that you have the fastest paper airplane to race your friends with.

It also means that your airplane does the cleverest tricks and stunts.

Finally it means that your paper plane flies the greatest distance against your friends planes.

Can just one paper airplane do all this? Unfortunately not.

That is good news though as it means that you are soon going to be the owner of a whole new fleet of paper airplanes.

Continue to build more and more paper planes and you will soon have the very best in the world. Best paper airplane making is great fun to do all year round!

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World Best Paper Airplane

and the fastest paper airplane in my opinion would have to be the Jetscreamer (the name even sounds fast).

This plane is very well balanced, flies straight and is very sleek. You will love the way it travels through the air, flying as though it had rockets in it. It is one of the best airplanes in the world.

the best paper airplane 01

To make the Jetscreamer all you need is paper and enthusiasm. You won't need any glue / sticky tape or paper clips or anything else.

A good idea is to get your friends around and make a few Jetscreamers so that you can race them against each other.

By clicking on the Jetscreamer image you will be flown straight to the instructions to make the best paper airplane.

One of the best paper airplanes is The Swoop

Another favorite that I am sure you will love.

The Swoop again is an easy airplane to build and amazing to fly.

With this particular plane you will need to find the best place that allows you to launch it from a height (doesn't need to be too high though), for example at the top of 10 or more stairs.

This paper plane will swoop down before climbing again and return into another dive. It really is the best of fun. Go ahead click on the link for The Swoop, I know you're going to enjoy it.

World's best & popular paper airplanes

You may not agree that the paper airplanes which are the worlds best are found right here at Airplane and, but that's OK.

It is completely normal for thinking that they are the greatest in the world (in my opinion) as I created them.

The important thing is that YOU get to enjoy them, which is the reason why these planes were made.

Would you like to try another paper airplane? I thought you would.

The Best Paper Airplane Ever

for constant reliable speed is the Pace Jet.

This paper airplane is moderately difficult to make so take your time with it.

When you have finished it your efforts will be rewarded with this planes performance. It is quick and flies very well due to the tail and wings.

Have lots of fun with it. (click on the above blue Pace Jet link)

Follow the fun and your passion with more paper airplanes right here.

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