Free Paper Airplanes Models

Free paper airplanes models are so much fun to make and then fly and very interesting. Learn why and grab some free things while you're here.

All you need to learn how to make paper airplanes is instructions, paper, a ruler and scissors.

Some planes can have you flying quickly. While other airplanes take a bit longer. They will require a bit more time, precision and patience.

These can be the most fun of all.

I am pretty certain though that you want to have your first paper airplane plane model made quickly. I can feel your excitement from here. I have just created your first of many free paper airplanes models and it is so easy to make.

I have called it The Swoop.

Go on, click on the Swoop link and have a go at making it. When you are finished there are more free model airplanes for you to make. How good is that? If your plane is continuously nose-diving try evening up the weight ratio back to front. Sometimes just a small piece of sticky tape can make an amazing difference to the flight of your created paper airplane.

Also try different ways of launching your model paper airplane. Throw hard, soft, up and down. Try throwing from a height. Hold it closer to the front or further back.

These are just some of the interesting things we can learn about how to make paper airplanes.

Have you ever wondered what makes an airplane fly?

Come and take a peak at airplane aerodynamics by clicking here - it's really amazing!

Free Paper Airplane Designs

Let's now learn how to make more models of your free paper airplanes:-

The Easy Glide

The Pace Jet

The Inverter and

The Jetscreamer.

Hey I just thought of how to make many free paper airplanes models without using paper.

How about a plane jigsaw for a bit of fun.

Start off with an easy one first. Then when you think you're getting pretty good at it try a new plane with more peices.

To add to the fun and make life more interesting why not race the clock. You might be the fastest to put the puzzle together yet. Now that would be G-R-E-A-T.

Not only can you make paper airplanes, you can also be the fastest plane puzzle maker in the world.


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