Ultralight Helicopter

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The Ultralight Helicopter puts into your reach the ability to fly practically any day you choose.

These amazing helicopters start from the very simple, such as the Mosquito Air ultralight which is 16' or 4.9 meters long; 72" or 1.8 meters wide and 83" or 2.1 meters high. These are a completely open helicopter.

Perhaps you would prefer yours more like the traditional full size helicopter.

Here is where the XE / XEL; the XE3 or the XET are introduced.

Each of these models have a partly enclosed cockpit - doors are missing. The engines are situated behind the cockpit and underneath the tail boom.

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Ultralight Helis

Today these helicopters are manufactured for a variety of purposes.

Ultralights are purchased for recreational and commercial use.

For instance - extracting people from hard to get to places, cattle mustering, crop spraying, surveillance work (either manned or unmanned), police border patrols and trainers for helicopter pilots. Flying ultralight aircraft has many advantages - even to save lives!

Helicopter Kits

If you are the type of person who is mechanically capable and not afraid to try new things, why not get your hands on a kit and build your very own helicopter.

Even for a fraction of the price for the completed model, buying your very own helicopter kit puts you way ahead of the majority.

There are many helicopter kits available for you to assemble yourself or perhaps start your own business with.

Build then sell them fully assembled and ready to fly on behalf of customers.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by buying your own ultralight heli kit.

The Mosquito Ultralight Helicopter is an excellent helicopter. You can obtain a lot more information about the great range of helicopters for sale by clicking below.

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