Ultralight Glider

The ultralight glider is an amazing ultralight aircraft.

Here is an aircraft of light construction that flies very well without the assistance of an engine.

It is truly a glider i.e it only has one wheel, extra long wing span and either roll launches or is towed behind a glider tow plane (or similar).

These gliders operate the same as all gliders - they soar and maintain altitude by taking advantage of rising thermal air currents.

Basic Ultralight Aircraft

Basically speaking there are two types of gliders.

Ultralight Glider
The first is as already mentioned (pictured right) a single wheeled aircraft without an engine.

Therefore the second is an ultralight aircraft with a single wheel and HAS engine assistance. Some of these types of gliders even have one small engine mounted on each wing. When required the propellers open from a fold down position.

A couple of home built gliders are available on the net.

They are the Goat4 and the Bug4. Both are excellent gliders or otherwise known as airchairs and completely homebuilt.

There is great news for those interested in buying a glider. I have located a place that sells both powered and convention gliders.

The powered version can takeoff in 50 meters and has a climb rate of 2.5m/s

The glider itself is a hi-tech carbon fibre craft, that is foot launchable, 3 axis control sailplane which in its basic form weighs just 48kgs.

With an L/D of 27:1 and slow speed thermalling it can outclimb any other glider and be flown safely at high speeds (Vne is 120km/h). That's quite impressive, right?

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