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Are you searching for an ultralight airplane for sale?

Good luck with that one! When I searched for ultralight sites I quickly discovered that this was not going to be an easy search.

To search through airplanes for sale would be way too overwhelming.

Some sites were selling houses and property, cars and other items that had absolutely nothing to do with ultralight airplanes or aircraft of any type at all.

Solution - find the information myself!

Gather all of the information together at one place for the benefit of ultralight pilots, worldwide.

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Type of Ultralight Aircraft For Sale

Naturally there are many different types of ultralight aircraft.

For instance there is the:-

  • Ultralight Gyrocopter. OK you're right technically it is not an airplane however it is an ultralight and as demand for this type of ultralight is not as great, we have placed it in this category.

  • Powered Parachute / Powered Paraglider.

  • Weight Shift Ultralights

  • 2 Axis Fixed Wing Ultralight Airplanes.

  • 3 Axis Fixed Wing Ultralight Aircraft.

You can find out all the particulars including images of these ultralight aircraft by clicking here.

Ultralight Airplane for Sale - Located

The question now is where do you find ultralight airplanes for sale?

The best place for you to start is right here.

The good people at avhome.com (Aviation Home Page) have everything to do with aviation, including ultralights for sale.

Clicking here finds you many ultralight airplanes that are for sale

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