The thrill to fly

What do you buy a man that has most things?

This was my dilemma this last Christmas. Not for my husband. Nor his friend that was coming to stay. But for my Dad.

At 61 years old, an avid collector of carpentry tools, and Hornby Trains, there gets to a point where he has all he wants.

And he does!

His carpentry workshop is the width of my parents house. It is jam packed solid of tools. How he produces the wonders he does from there, I will never know.

As for the Hornby Train set... well he has enough track to go three times round the 1940's semi-detached loft! One day I can buy him scenery and things, but he really needs to decide on a layout.

So what to get him for Christmas?

Visiting my local toy shop, for the children, I made a fantastic discovery... indoor flying machines!


My head pinged, what a fantastic idea! There were helicopters, and airplanes, some resembling the big old spitfires, or even concorde!

Making inquiries I found there are a range of prices, and one of those suited my pockets.

We were with my Dad on Christmas morning, when he opened it. The look of utter thrill and excitement was amazing.

He didn't get a chance to “get it out the box” until the evening... something to do with too many grand-children in the way. But as soon as they were up to bed, out came the box.

It was very easy to put together, and when you turned it on, there were lots of flashing lights on it! He had a few troubles taking off from the living room mat. But this was soon resolved by a suitable piece of wood. ;-)

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