Sonic RC Airplanes

The Sonic RC Airplanes are great for beginners and those who just want to have fun flying their RC planes.

The Sonic Planes are electric and are therefore easy to fly. There is relatively little to no building required, so you can just start flying straight away.

All of these airplanes have a high wing which is also good for beginners and novice fliers.

For instance, the Super Sonic 9399 is fully functioned RC, is super tough for those occasional crashes that may happen from time to time, has a lightweight airframe for easier and longer fly time.

Your Sonic RC plane has a wingspan of 20" and a body length of 17". There are two propellers and two more provided as spares, one 2 channel transmitter, landing gear, rechargeable battery and a remote control which requires 8 x AA batteries.

HobbyZones Sonic Combat Module is another fun item to use when flying with another pilot.

Plug in your Sonic Combat Module and take on similarly equipped HobbyZone airplanes in aerial combat.

When “hit”, the Module temporarily disables your opponent’s motor for ten seconds while still allowing them to steer.

The Sonic Combat Module is compatible with any X-Port equipped HobbyZone airplane, like the Firebird Commander, Aerobird Challenger, and Aerobird Xtreme.

The Sonic Combat Module also works with X-Port equipped ParkZone Aircraft such as the F-27 Stryker, and Slo-V.

The ducted fan and jets have a low wing. These are more suited to experienced RC fliers only.

You will enjoy flying these 2 channel radio control airplanes.

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