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rc helicopter uk

Are you ready to fly your new RC helicopter UK?

We have available many different RC types, models, sizes, skill levels, flight simulators and helicopter spare parts for you to choose from.

Brand names such as E-Flite, Walkera and Phoenix, types such as micro, elecric, coaxial and nitro.

3, 4, 5 and 6 channel Radio Control helicopters, indoor and outdoor helis as well as the many different spare parts and accessories (in case of those hard landings).

Beginners may want to check out the RC Flight Simulator or the rtf (Ready to Fly) helis.

Here is where you will find a huge range at RC helicopter UK. Here is where price, service and quality matters. Come and see.

Popular RC Helicopter Brands

Here is a list of popular radio control helicopter brands and models. Click on any of the following Ebay links and make your selection:

See just how easy it is to fly a Walkera RC Helicopter by clicking the following link.

The Amazing Walkera Helicopter

RC Helicopter Types

If you are not sure which brand or model you are after, here is a selection of radio control helicopter types that should interest you.

RC Helicopter Spares and Accessories

There's no need to be to embarrassed when your helicopter has one or two heavy landings. With these spare parts and accessories you are ready to fly your RC helicopter UK.

RC Helicopters Sold in UK

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