Paper Airplane Models

Paper airplane models are great for various reasons.

When you are sitting inside and not able to get out due to rain or feeling sick or you just prefer the indoors, grab yourself a piece of paper and start making paper airplane.

Hey, how about getting your school friends together and each one of you make a different model each and see whose paper airplane is the best.

Yours might be faster or does more stunts, barrel rolls or nose dives kamikaze style.

Here are some model paper airplanes that I actually created.

The first of several

paper airplane models is The Inverter

This is a very unusual looking airplane. It is quite flat yet broad. I personally am amazed at the way this plane flies.

Follow the plans carefully and The Inverter will fly very well for you.

Here is another paper airplane I created.

Model airplane plans are, as you have already discovered, very easy to read and understand. This is very important as trying to make an airplane from hard to understand plans is boring.

Have you got some more paper? Model airplanes such as

The Swoop

just add to the whole excitement of paper airplane making.

Again this airplane is a whole lot of fun to make and even more fun to fly.

Why not get your friends together and each of you make The Swoop. Then have competitions to see whose plane flies the best.

This is so much fun to do.

paper airplane model 02

There are many paper plane models which are quite unusual like this one. I'm not sure who the creator of this particular airplane is however I believe that it flies very well.

You know, I almost forgot to mention something very important.

There is absolutely no reason why you have to keep these great planes to yourself. If you wish send an email to your friends and give them the URL of this site so that they too can join in your fun and make paper airplanes as well.

Otherwise all of these paper airplanes are printable models. So you can print off as many copies as you wish and share them around. The whole idea is for you to enjoy making and using paper airplane models.

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