Making Paper Airplanes

Making paper airplanes is SO GOOD. Why?

That's an easy question to answer.

How hard is it for you to find a piece of paper? Right, it's easy.

It's easy also to fold that piece of paper - correct? Of course it is.

That's all you need to know for making paper airplanes.

The instructions you find here are so easy to follow that people of all ages will be making their very own paper airplanes. You can race them against each other to see who has the fastest paper airplane. You can see whose airplane flies the highest, the furthest and the for the longest time.

So what are you waiting for?

You could be waking

You could be shaking

You could be raking

But making - paper airplanes is best.

Making the Fastest Paper Airplanes

making paper airplanes 01

Would you like to start to make a paper airplane of your own? I thought you would.

That's why I made a particular paper plane that is sure to beat the others (even the name of it sounds fast). It's called the Jetscreamer.

This plane is SO FAST you can almost hear the engines roaring across the sky, with flames 5 metres long behind it. Those flames make the other airplanes behind it catch alight and turn to ashes. That's why this paper airplane is the fastest.

Now let me give you a little secret about fast paper airplanes.

To make them go even faster you have to make paper airplane noises. Have you ever heard a silent jet flying over head? No. Jets fly really fast - right? So you have to make paper airplane noises that sound like those jets.

Here is the link you need. Have fun making it.

Making Paper Airplanes - The Jetscreamer



Making a paper airplane really is easy to do and fun to fly. However there is also something else which is both of those AND rewarding as well. Want to know what it is?

Making a website.

Just a short time back I knew nothing about building websites. I just used my computer to fly airplanes on a flight simulator.

Then I found a way to make a website on my favorite topic - AIRPLANES.

Now I not only have fun making paper airplanes and learning about all kinds of different aircraft but I am earning a great income from this website about them. Now that is rewarding!

If you have an idea you would love to make into a website, click on the "Powered by SBI" at the bottom of this page and follow the prompts.


Making a Paper Airplane.....

That Glides.

Now we're going to make a paper airplane that glides. This one you are really going to love - it flies very well.

I remember making this plane not really knowing how it would fly. I didn't know if it would fly high, low, fast or slow or just keep crashing and then go in the rubbish bin.

However when the Easy Glide was finished, it was like it just floated through the air like a balloon filled with helium. It kept on flying and flying for a good amount of time and distance.


The instructions for making the Easy Glide are right here. Just click this link.

Making a Paper Airplane.....

That's Aerobatic.

making paper airplanes 05

There really are no tricks to making a paper airplane that's aerobatic. However an aerobatic airplane does lots and lots of stunts, such as rolls and loops and dives.

This particular plane is called the Swoop.

Remember to increase the level of fun of flying the Swoop you need to be making paper airplane sounds. Imagine that you are at an air show flying in front of thousands of people. You make them SO happy as you show off your flying skills - loop after loop, left bank followed by right bank and then straight into a barrel roll. Amazing!

Making paper airplanes- The Swoop

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