Licensed Aircraft Engineer & NDT Engineer in Mumbai

by Anil Shah
(Mumbai, India)

My name is Anil Shah and I am currently based in Mumbai and have worked in AIR INDIA for over 35 years as Chief Executive Aircraft Engineer. I am open for any Aircraft Engineering opportunities in INDIA, UK, Europe or Singapore

Anil Shah

c/o - 44-7786638600

I am self-motivated, enthusiastic Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with a background in quality testing of Airline Engines.

I hold a degree in Non Destructive Testing (Liquid Penetrant test & Magnetic Particle test) and GENERAL Inspection (Certificate of Competency- DAW/B/N/78) from DIRECTOR of GENERAL CIVIL AVIATION in the Year 1978.

Currently I held Licenses for:-

A)Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Certificate (Engine)?License No: 8315.

B) NDT (Liquid Penetrant test & Magnetic Particle test) and GENERAL Inspection (Certificate of Competency- DAW/B/N/78).-From Oct?78

C) From Dec?83- OVERHAUL of APU(Auxiliary Power Unit) GTCP 660 Services

D) From Mar?84- BORESCOPIC inspection of all engines.

E) From Feb?86- POWER PLANT dressing and MODULAR MAINTENANCE of 9D Engines

F) From May?92- STRIPING & FINAL ASSEMBLY of 8D Engines
H) From Jan?06- LRU Replacement of APU 131-9B & Honeywell APU GTC 331-50Automotive Engineering Technology.


? I have extensive experience in the inspection, service, maintenance and repair routine where necessary, of aircraft of many diverse types. I also have experience of providing high quality mechanical maintenance to aircraft to ensure the required level of safety prior to take off.

? I have experience of conducting appropriate tests on machinery and equipment to ascertain its airworthiness and continued efficiency.

? I have experience in performing the necessary preventive maintenance to aircraft, performing inspections, modification and repairs where and if necessary.

? I can maintain a comprehensive and accurate record of all maintenance, inspections and repairs carried out.

? I am familiar with making recommendations to managers for the need to purchase required equipment and to restock consumables where necessary.

? I can maintain a standard inventory of spare parts to ensure uninterrupted maintenance schedules.

I would like to thank you for taking time to read my CV and will await in anticipation for your reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Anil Shah

c/o - 44-7786638600

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