I am seeking for Aircraft Maintenance job

by Rubanesan

I am motivated individual,seeking an employment to obtain a position that fully utilize my competencies, skills and further enhance my knowledge to give my valued contribution and commitment toward the success and effectiveness of the organization.

I am also one who performs successfully under pressure,thrives in challenging environment and am willing to commit my time,effort and skills to the task at hand.

Personal Particulars

Address : No 5, Jalan Pauh Kijang 1,
Taman Saga, 41050 klang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Mobile No : 010-5637146
Email : ruban303barcello@yahoo.com
Age : 22 years
Nationality : Malaysian
Gender : Male
Ic No : 890102-10-5493
Date of birth : 02nd January 1989
Marital status : Single

Educational Background

Tertiary Education ;

Examination : certificate in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
Achievements : Pass
Institution : Advance Aeronautics Training Academy
Year : 2009-2011

Secondary Education ;

Examination : Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia ( SPM )
Achievements : Pass
Institution : SMK SA SAMAD,Klang.
Year : 2001-2006


Extra-Curricular Activities :
- School Prefect of SMK Sultan Abdul Samad 2006.
- Member of Kadet Bomba 2005.
- Member of Tamil Society.
- Artistic Expression, performed in several school drama’s in District Level.
- Participated in several leadership trainings, a well team player and dynamic

Technical Related Skills

Basic aircraft maintenance skills, such as aircraft servicing, flight control rigging,troubleshooting and schedule maintenance. ( Cessna )


Mr.Rosnan Bin Roskan
Chief Instructor Avionics
Advance Aeronautic Training Academy

Mr.Gunaseelan s/o Seenivaasan
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ( B1.1 ) Licence
+65 91519167

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