Homebuilt Ultralight

Starting with your ultralight parts

The homebuilt ultralight airplane and/or helicopter has it's advantages.

If you are an aircraft mechanic for instance and just don't want to wait all that time before you can afford a small or light aircraft - then consider purchasing the ultralight kits.

One kit includes all your ultralight parts together with the aircraft plans to assist you build it.

Then you can tell all your friends, "I built my very own ultralight aircraft and for a fraction of the cost!"

No matter whether you are an aircraft mechanic or not, laying out all of your ultralight parts and then assembling them together as you build your aircraft is quite an achievement.

Some ultralight plans out there for kits are very basic/simple. Perhaps you are one of those very clever people who don't need a lot of information in your plans.

However for those of us that need complete ultralight aircraft plans, they are also available. Should you get stuck you continue to have access to the supplier to assist you with anything you are not 100 per cent sure about.

When it comes to ultralight engines you can choose between a Rotax, two or four stroke engine or perhaps purchase a small car engine like a Suzuki G10 or G13. Make sure you do your research though as it is your life up there after all.

When complete you are going to be the proud owner of your very own ultralight airplane.

I have done a fair amount of research into suppliers of homebuilt ultralight aircraft kits and have come up with one answer.

Before I say who the chosen supplier is let me state that this company has several outlets around the world thereby making them more available to you.

Secondly they have manufactured many different models of ultralight airplanes which makes them the leading manufacturers of sport aircraft and are the current leaders in sales of ultralight trainers in which you can learn to fly.

Finally this company is an award winner and has been around for over 30 years.

My preference therefore is ...

Quicksilver homebuilt ultralights - click here

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