Gas RC Helicopter

gas RC helicopter, fun to fly

Time to step up to a gas RC helicopter? Excellent, well done.

Makes you feel good doesn't it? Just like getting your first pilots license.

All those hours learning and the flying time has produced something beneficial. Advancement from your first mini electric RC heliopter to a new gas powered RC helicopter.

Did you know that the nitro RC helicopter is also the same as a glow plug and a gas helicopter? They are all basically the same as they all operate using an ic (internal combustion) engine.

These helicopters also use 4 - 6 channels giving you far more control than most electric helicopters, although this is changing.

You can find your new rc helicopter below.

One thing that would be great is to let us have a review of your new heliopter. Let us know everything from first impressions to overall satisfaction. The way to do that is by clicking here on RC Helicopter Review. Thanks, it actually helps us all.

Gas / Nitro / Glow RC Helicopter

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