contract aircraft maintenance engineer

by john


Personal Details: Mr John Ritson

216/100 Bowen Terrace Fortitude Valley Qld 4006

Phone 0403 823 806


Work History:

I started at Ansett Melbourne Maintenance Base as an apprentice in 1981. I spent time in support workshops working on components such as landing gear, hydraulic components etc.

Once moving into heavy maintenance my time was spent carrying out ‘C’ checks on B767, B737, B727, BAE146, F50, F28 and A320 aircraft. During this time I completed all my Aircraft Mechanical Engineering Basic Exams and obtained my first license on the F50 Airframe on 14/6/89. Between 1991 and 1994 I obtained the B767 Airframe and CF6 Engine Licenses and spent extended periods as acting team leader on B767 and F50 Heavy Maintenance checks.

In 1994 I represented Ansett in Seattle USA for 2 months with 3 other engineers supervising the ‘C’ check of a B767 Aircraft that Ansett purchased from Britannia Airlines and commissioned Tramco to overhaul before putting the Aircraft into service for Ansett.

In August 1996 I transferred to Ansett Melbourne Line Maintenance which was the main base for the B767.

My Line Maintenance work included Defect Rectification Pre Flight checks (international and domestic) and overnight maintenance such as engine changes, engine running, boroscope checks, troubleshooting and removal of Mel defects and ‘A’ checks etc.

In the year 2000 I was selected to be trained on a Lufthansa MD11 cargo Aircraft that Ansett had a contract to doTransit maintenance on.

Since leaving Ansett I have done contract work for Regional Express Airlines on SAAB 340 and at Richmond Airbase on a C130 Aircraft.

In 2003 I completed a one year contract at the Qantas Melbourne Heavy Maintenance base and obtained the final SOE to pick up the B737 300/400 Airframe and the CFM 56 Engine License.

Since October 2004 I have been working at the Qantas Heavy Maintenance base in Brisbane on B767 , A330 and B737 aircraft where I have completed a Rolls Royce Engine course and a A330 a/f eng course.

In the seven years at Qantas Brisbane I have spent more than 12 months as Acting Team Leader for my crew and short periods running other crews when required.


Airframe – A 330-200/300, B767 200/300, B737 300/400, F50

Engine – Cf6-80E1, CF680C2, CMF56, RR RB211

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