Best RC Helicopters

Wondering what is the best RC helicopter for you to fly is no longer all that difficult to decide.

Basically it all depends on your skill level, confidence, budget as well as a few other factors.

There are a huge variety of RC Helicopters available.

For example there are mini, micro, electric, nitro, coaxial, fixed pitch (fp), collective pitch (cp), various channel e.g. 3,4,5 & 6, ready to fly (rtf) and of course gas rc helicopters.

Choose from all the favorites. Syma, Walkera, Double Horse, Venus, Align, Futaba and Metal to name a few of the best radio control helicopter brands available.

For the absolute beginner may I suggest the Walkera helicopter as you will crash and break your new helicopter. The great thing about the Walkeras is that spare parts are also readily available through Ebay.

Another really good helicopter to fly would be the Blade mSR X - pictured here. What makes this heli so good?

There are two things I like about this model - it's made to fly easily i.e. there are not a lot of things a new pilot needs to learn before advancing from a beginner to a novice pilot.

Secondly, if you really would like to know absolutely everything about this Blade helicopter,

Click here to read the book.

If you prefer, you don't even have to own any of these.

You can just sit at your computer and fly a RC helicopter simulator.

Once you have your flying hours up and are feeling confident enough to progress, then and only then try your hand at one of the other brands mentioned above.

You will find the best helicopter brands, size, functionality and the best RC helicopter that suits you right here.

If you are looking for a more specific radio control heli, just enter the name of it into the Search Box located at the top of the Ebay results shown below.

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