Avionics Technician

by ivo

Personal data:

Name: Ivo
Surname: Josipović
Date, month and year of birth: 18.11.1988. in Zagreb
Address: Vilka Šeferova 6 Ravnice, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: 01/2313-221,
cell: 099/417-2452
E-mail: migovi21@gmail.com

Data on education:

Aviation High School of Rudolf Perešin, Pleso ,Velika Gorica in the last four school years: 2003/2004. to 2006/2007.

Technician for Aircraft instruments, radio and electrical equipment

During school I also carried out practical work in the Croatia Airlines, Flight Technical Institute in Velika Gorica, Air Force military base in Pleso and airport Lucko. In training, I worked on the servicing, testing and installation of various electrical devices on passenger aircraft Airbus 320 brands and Airbus 319, as well as military aircraft MIG 21 brands, Galeb G4. Also, I worked on military transport planes brands Antonov 32 and the Canadair CL-415. At the airport Lučko I worked on the sports brand aircraft Cessna 150, Cessna 172 and Cessna 180 and the Pilatus PC-9M.

I mostly worked and studied at the military-transport helicopters Mi brand - 8 MTV 1 and brands Canadair CL-415 in jobs related to engine insurance with different materials in the form of engine protection and electrical devices on the engine, as well as tasks related to the installation and removal of electrical devices, such as batteries and various voltage regulators.
I also worked on the job protecting the aircraft from corrosion and the maintenance of interior and exterior aircraft skin. I have conducted the test and repair a variety of navigational instruments, such as radio, compass, altimeter, speedometer, artificial horizon, slip and turn indicator, tachometer, barometric altimeter, weather radar, telephone.

Foreign Languages:

- English-active in speaking and writing
- Italian-passive in spoken and written

Computer skills:

MS Office, Auto Cad, Internet

Driver's license "B" category

Specific knowledge and skills:

Working for computer service, radio and TV equipment, work with devices measuring techniques, such as an oscilloscope (digital and analog), function generator , frequency meter , multimeter etc.

Personality traits:

I am ambitious, communicative, creative and independent.
In carrying out the tasks I am hard working and conscientious.

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