Avionics Technician

by Muhammad Jamil

Muhammad Jamil
Cell N0:- (+92)-344-5010655
E mail: - jamilrof@yahoo.com

Job applied for---Avionics Technician/Supervisor/administrator
I seek to reach excellence in my work as well as personal development. Also, I strongly intend to contribute to the growth of the company and people I work with and myself, both as a person and a professional.
To contribute towards the growth and development of a dynamic organization where opportunities to grow both personally and professionally are ample and where I can utilize my skills effectively and efficiently for innovative and value addition work and explore my quality driven professional ethics, result oriented in mind, creative, assertive, and objective problem solving techniques and desire for growth.
I served Pakistan Air Force for 25 Years as an Associate Engineer in Electronics. Such a spacious span of service in PAF offered me a chance to acquire the high standards of professionalism by working in different capacities on various types of Aircraft technologies. During the tenure, I had been deployed on various technical, managerial and supervisory posts. I have vast experience of Installation, modification, maintenance and operation of Avionics systems of C-130 aircraft. I also, have an experience of A-5III, FT-6 and MIR-III aircrafts. I worked with Lockheed Martin (LMALC) South Carolina, USA for sixteen month during stay for training of Glass cockpit Modification. I also, worked with Lockheed Martin team during major upgradition of PAF cargo fleet.

1 Metric from Mir Pur (AK) board in 1984 securing 53 % marks.
2 B.A From Peshawar University in 1992 securing 42 % marks.
3 D.A.E. (Electronics) from S.O.E. PAF, Korangi Creek in 1989 securing 79 % marks.
Other Courses YEAR
‘O’ level radio system of C-130B, E and L-382B aircraft. 1988
C-130 B, E and L-382B aircraft familiarization course. 1988
ALT-III Radio familiarization course from Peshawar. 1992
ALMS Course from 103 ALC, PAF 1994
QC/QAP course from S.O.E. Karachi. 1996
ARS-134 operation & basic maintenance course (ATCOP) 1996
ARC-164 UHF Comm. system ‘D’ level maintenance course. 1995
ARS-134 V/UHF Comm. system ‘O’ level maintenance course 1998
Elementary Arabic Course PAF Chaklala 2002
Radio (Air) JCO Course (trade) SOE Karachi 2004
Military Leadership & Command Course JCO Academy Karachi 2004
C-130 avionics up gradation course from USA. 2007
C-130 avionics course Rock well Collins USA. 2007
Skill enhancement program management and supervisory course. 2008
Cross training Radio to Radar. 2008
Radio/Radar merge course. 2009
Honors and Awards
CAS Commendation Certificate 2010
TK-II (Military) 2010
TK-I (Military) 2010
Base Commander Commendation Certificate 1995, 2000, 2007

Total Service 25 Years

Rank on discharge Chief Warrant Officer (Flt Lt Hony)

Experience 1 (May 15, 2007 TO Mar 09, 2011)

As a Supervisor in C-130 Avionics Upgradition Cell
Installation of new avionics systems as per new avionics package based on Rockwell Collins avionics suite, L-3 Comm. and IS & S system i.e. FMR 200X Wxr Radar, TCAS II, INS LTN-92, TDR-94 Mode ‘S’ Transponder, DME-442, ADC-86, EFIS MFD 268C2 display system, ALT-4000 Radio Altimeter, Mk-VII EGPWS system, GPS-4000A system, VIR-32 VHF navigation system, VHF-422 Comm. system, HF-9000 Comm. system, FMS-800 Flt management system, APS-85A Auto pilot, AHS-3000,GH-3000 S/By AHS and Digital Engine Instrument System.
Details Removal of old avionics system and related wiring used in EX-RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) C-130s, L-382B and ‘E’ model C-130 aircrafts. Reception and inventory check of newly received kit items. Fabrication of data looms as per given drawings. Fabrication of RF connectors. Layout of looms in the aircraft. Termination of data cables and power cables, Fabrication of Optic Fiber Cable (OFC) connector and lay out in aircraft Use of new tools and testers. Securing of the looms and plugs in the aircraft as per the Lockheed Martin quality standards. Wiring checks after first installation. Power on checks as per Ground test procedures. Preparation of the aircraft for post installation quality checks and check flights. Documentation of aircraft Forms and F-349. 1st line maintenance of various airborne comm./Nav and radar equipments. Also performed Ground crew duties with C-130 aircrafts during inland/abroad missions. Office management and administration of section, close coordination/liaison with other agencies for timely completion of assigned jobs. Day wise deployment of manpower and work distribution to colleagues. Acting as a team leader for the junior technicians in C-130 avionics up gradation Program.
Experience-2 (April, 1999 TO May, 2007)
As a Supervisor at C-130 PDM
Details Depot level maintenance of C-130 aircraft avionics equipments during PDM Inspection. Detailed Inspection of aircraft wiring on induction in PDM, raising of discrepancies sheets and later on rectification of discrepancies which includes removal of old wiring and installation of new wiring. Installation of airborne avionics equipments, preparing aircraft for quality checks, operation of avionics equipments after PDM inspection and carrying out necessary rectification and make aircraft airworthy. Operation and maintenance of Weather Radar APN-59, IFF-APX-101, Tacan-118, Doppler radar, HF-101/102, VHF-186, GNS-430, UHF-164, VOR-51RV-5B, INS LTN-92 system

Experience-3 (April, 15, 1994 TO May 5, 1999)

As a Bench Supervisor at Electronics Repair Depot
Details Depot level maintenance of PCBs (analog and digital) of AN/ARC-164 UHF Comm. system. Trial repair of avionics equipment. Replacement of SMDs and through hole components. Testing of ICs using IC testers. Manual and auto soldering. Use of Multimeters, power meters, signal generators, digital and analog oscilloscopes, programmers, data loaders, data analyzers, Huntron trackers and insulation checkers. PCB stuffing. Safe packing for onward dispatch to end users. Maintaining the documents. QC inspector duties. Worked in avionics modification project of A-5III, F-7P MIR-IIIEA aircrafts, which includes removal of old wiring and LRU’s and installation of new wiring of system i.e. ARS-134, RWR and CFD system.

Experience-4 (Nov 27, 1989 to March 30, 1994)

As a Technician on A-5III Flt Lines
Details To perform first line maintenance of Avionics system of A-5III and FT-6 aircrafts. Operational check out, fault finding and rectification of UHF comm., Radio compass, radio Altimeter and GPS-100 system as per related T.Os / publications. Wiring isolation checks fault finding and rectification. To perform post/ pre flt inspection. To maintain aircraft forms.

Computer skills
Basic computer course
Internet surfing and browsing, E-mail, Downloading
MS Office—word, excel, Power Point etc.

Languages Fluent in Urdu & English
Personal Bio data
Name Muhammad Jamil
Father name Mohkam Din
Date of birth February 04, 1968
Nationality Pakistani
CNIC No. 37405-0354628-7
Passport No. AU8206282
Marital status Married
Domiciled Azad Kashmir (Distt. Sudhnotti)
Mailing address House No. 22/5, Iqbal Camp. PAF Base Chaklala, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Date of availability for joining---Available

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