Application for the post in Engineering Department

by Muddassir

Re: Application for post of Senior Manager (Technical) in the Engineering Department in your esteemed organization.

Dear sir,

Having come to know through a reliable that a vacancy for the the captioned position is lying vacant in your organization, please find below and attached pages my CV for your perusal and guidance.

Name: Muhammad Muddassir Amin

Father’s Name: Mohammad Amin Siddque

Age: 25 Years

Religion: Islam

Nationality: Pakistani

Qualifications: I passed my matriculation examination in computer science from Karachi board in the year 2000.
Then, I completed my intermediate exams from Karachi Board in the year 2002.

Experience: I joined the aviation field in 2001 as a cadet then afterwards I was promoted to the position of cadet engineer in M/S Aviation Technology Service and successfully completed period required for obtaining TRC (Technical Registration Card). After receiving my TRC, I spent three years in obtaining LWTR (License Without Type Rating) in the category of A&C which is authorized by Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan.

During the course of my studies in Civil Aviation Authority Institute, I have obtained practical experience i.e. OJT (On the Job Training) with book logging. While going through and achieving proficiency in Jet Engine and Airframe technology, I also got familiar with general instrumentation, Piston Engines, Airframe, Structural Repair, Theory of Flight and others areas which are a part of mechanical and electrical engineering. I have worked with several organizations such as M/S Aviation Technology Services, Schon Air, Walter Aviation, Edhi Air, Saudi Arabian Airlines (Regency Project).

During the course of my nine years’ service with the above organizations, I developed expertise in the following areas:

1. L1011 Tri-Star Aircraft (Wide bodied), MD920, MD11, B737, B747 and A320.
2. Rolls Royce engines, Limming, Lycomming, etc.
3. Wong pong -6 pure jet engine of F-6 fighter Jet.
4. Helicopters.
5. Piper Seneca.
6. Cessna 402, 152B, 172K, etc.

On the basis of above experience and course, UK CAA enrolled me for EASA part 66 licenses at their Malaysia venue, which will be accomplished by the year 2010.

While I was in Malaysia for about four months, I had gone through the Malaysian products and markets.

In the light of above facts, I hope my candidature for the above position in your esteemed organized will be considered favorably.

Sir, if I am given a chance, I assure you that I will try my level best to satisfy my superiors and will carry out responsibilities according to the best of my abilities.

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