A&P Mechanic

by Joseph Williams

1132 Turner Drive, Suffolk, Virginia 23434 (757)809-0953 jojowilliams76@gmail.com.

* FAA Mechanic License with A&P rating
* Thoroughly trained in the areas of Electrical/Electronics
* Proven general maintenance competencies with a strong team-player attitude

Aviation Maintenance Technical Program
Aviation Institute Of Maintenance, Chesapeake, Virginia

*AC/DC Electrical *Physics * Weight & Balance
*Fire Protection * Powerplant Fundamentals * Materials & Processes
*Wood Covering/Finishes * Cleaning/ Corrosion Control * Fuel Metering Systems
*Airframe Fundamentals * Reciprocating Engines * Fluid Lines & Fittings
*Hydraulics and Pneumatics * Maintenance Records * Ground Ops/ Servicing
*Sheet Metal Structures * Composites * Electronic System
*Electronic Troubleshooting *Navigation/Communication Sys * Engine Instruments
* Lubrication and Cooling *Electrical Supply/Production * Landing Gear System
*Tire Expert Phase 1&2 *Induction Airflow/Exhaust * Ignition & Starting
*Cabin Atmosphere Systems * Welding * Assembly & Rigging
* Conformity Inspections

Electrical/Electronics Certificate of Completion (1080 hours) P.D.Pruden Voc-Tech Suffolk, Va. 1979

Assist in multiple team projects with engine, fuel systems, and accurate documentation of all procedures

AIRFRAMES (Piper PA-23, PA-38, Apache, Tomahawk, Cessna)
Hydraulic And Pneumatics( fabricate rigid fuel lines and flexible fuel lines using proper tools in accordance with maintenance manual, disassemble/assemble hydraulic pumps to inspect, check ,troubleshoot service, repair in accordance with maintenance manual.

Landing Gear System( disassemble landing struts, check for all proper operations accordance to maintenance manual, proper procedure for bleeding struts and brakes and brake limitations, correct alignment of torque links, proper tire maintenance and limitations.

Aircraft Electrical Systems(proper procedures for inspecting, checking, troubleshooting, servicing, and repairing generators and alternators, draw a complete wiring diagram of a landing gear electrical system.

Aircraft Fuel System( remove bladder cell out of wing to be inspected with accordance to maintenance manual, check fuel strainers and filters for proper operations, check fuel pump, fuel injectors/fuel heaters accordance to maintenance manual.

Airframe Sheet Metal( construct a box using proper sheet metal tools and rivets, repair a section of wing using proper procedures and patch design also with composites.

Assembly and Rigging(correct safety wiring procedures and proper adjustment of control surfaces, correct method of using protractor for correcting control surface angles, proper cable inspection for cables , fairleads, and pulleys.

1132 Turner Drive Suffolk, Virginia 23434 (757) 809-0953 jojowilliams76@gmail.com

Assist in multiple team projects with engines, fuel systems, and accurate documentation of all procedures

POWERPLANTS ( Pratt/ Whitney PT-6, Lycoming O-320 and O-235, Continental TSIO520, IO360,IO470)

Reciprocating and Turbine Engines(disassemble to inspect, check, troubleshoot, service and repair in accordance with maintenance manual and reassemble.

Ignition system and Starting system(internally time both Bendix and Slick magnetos using maintenance manual, time magnetos to engine , properly conduct a engine compression check , correct procedure for cleaning and inspecting spark plugs, proper rotation of spark plugs.

Propellers(use riffle file to file out minor surface damage located in a repairable area, use protractor to check propeller blade angles in accordance to maintenance manual, use proper procedures and methods of obtaining blade balance

United States Marine Corps, Camp Lejeune, N.C
Combat Engineer(Constructed, altered, repaired, maintain, building and structures, specialized demolition and landmine warfare, Worked as a Engineer Equipment Mechanic performing preventive maintain and repairs to diesel and gasoline engines, and diesel driven construction equipment such as tractors, power shovels, road machinery, air compressors, concrete mixers and other engine driven or towed construction equipment, and operated gas/ diesel engine, powered, self- propelled, skid-mounted,

Forklift Operator
Nansemond Cold Storage, Suffolk, Virginia 1990-1992
Van Brunt Paper Waste Co. Brooklyn, New York 1984-1987
Virginia Peanut Processors, Suffolk, Virginia 1983-1984
Kraft Foods Inc. (Planters Peanuts), Suffolk, Virginia 1987-1988
Safely and accurately perform the loading and unloading of trailers, provided belt with paper to be bailed , organized and stacked bails, brought 20 foot trailers to the belt to be dumped on the belt and ran bailing machine for various types of paper.

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