A&P Mechanic

by Molekzino

PO BOX 1253 DURHAM; CA 95938

An Aircraft mechanic with more than one year of successful experience in personnel management and aircraft maintenance. Lead team members by example. Emphasize importance on quality and integrity of parts and assemblies used in production, repair, and maintenance of aircraft. Maintain conformance with all safety regulations through monitoring and education of staff.
Professional Experience:
Stevens Aviation, 11/2008 –Present Denver, Co

Aircraft Technician
 Service, maintain, and repair single and multi-engine aircraft engines and airframes on fixed-wing and/or rotary wing aircraft.
 Perform 100 hour inspection, and Airworthy inspection.
 Repair, replace, and assemble parts, such as wings, fuselage, tail assembly, landing gear, control cables, and propeller assembly, using tools, such as power shears, sheet metal breaker, arc and acetylene welding equipment, rivet gun, and air or electric drills to rebuild or replace airframe or its components.
 Consult manufacturers' manuals and airline's maintenance manual for specifications and to determine feasibility of repair or replacement according to malfunction.
 Examine engines for cracked cylinders and oil leaks, and listen to detect sounds of malfunctioning, such as sticking or burnt valves.
 Inspect turbine blades to detect cracks or breaks.
 Test engine operation, using testing equipment, such as ignition analyzer compression checks, distributor timer, and ohmmeter, to locate source of malfunction.
 Replace or repair worn or damaged components, such as carburetors, superchargers, and magnetos, using hand tools, gauges and testing equipment.
 Perform inspection before and after flight, to insure the airworthiness of the aircraft.
 Install, repair and replace a variety of subassemblies of various aircrafts.
 Make use of my extensive Aerospace knowledge to ensure the highest standard of quality per the ISO 9001 Certification.
 Expertise in all the daily hand tools to perform the essential job tasks.
 Design, build and maintain hand tools occasionally needed for custom jobs.

Customer Service Manager, 11/2005 – 07/2008 Chicago, IL
Comcast Support Center

 Trained over a 100 new representatives.
 Supervised the customer service team, which included 15 representatives.
 Received 50-75 inbound calls daily from customers in regard to new contracts, upgrades and activating services.
 Responsible for remote troubleshooting on customer lines and determining whether technician must be sent to work site.
 Worked with 28 sales professionals covering the Midwest area.
FAA Airframe and Power plant Maintenance Certificate, 12/2009

A.O.S. Airframe and Power plant Maintenance, 07/2008 – 12/2009
Redstone College, Broomfield, CO
 4.0 GPA
 Perfect attendance
 Experienced working with the mechanics of both airplanes and automobiles.

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing & Business Administration, 02/2005
Jordan University, Amman, Jordan
 3.8 GPA
 Perfect attendance
Relevant Skills:

*Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications such as, Excel, Word and WordPerfect
*Solid computer skills
*Ability to train, motivate and supervise other employees
*Customer service
*Team player and leader

Cessna 150, Cessna 172, Cessna 310, DA-20 , P3


Spanish , English and Arabic


Several letter of recommendation will be furnished based upon request.

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