American Airlines Employment

from airplane and aircraft mechanics, customer service and more.

American Airlines Employment could very well have the exact job opportunity you are looking for.

Whether you choose to work directly for American Airlines (AA) or American Eagle Airlines there are many different positions which are available to you.

American Airlines is represented in 250 cities and 40 countries worldwide.

They work toward achieving both the professional and individual goals throughout their organisation.

Naturally AA is also highly committed to excellence in airline customer service which means both on the ground and in the air.

Therefore choosing an American Airlines career for yourself should not be all that difficult and yet will be quite rewarding considering the benefits provided to their employees.

American Airlines Employment Benefits

Airline careers have many benefits, the obvious one being extremely cheap travel across the world. So what are the benefits of working for American Airlines and why do so many people choose American Airlines careers?

The very first is that all the following benefits are for you, your family members and domestic partners. You all receive:-

  • A variety of medical, dental, vision, disability, life as well as optional plans such as long term care, legal aid and reimbursement accounts.
  • Savings and Retirement Plans which is where employees can take advantage of financial benefits, including an outstanding employee credit union, 401(k) matching funds, profit sharing, and incentives.
  • Employees are encouraged to extend themselves professionally and receive as much support and resources to reach their full potential within American. A wide range of job-based and personal enrichment training schemes are available through classroom and online training resources. Employees can also search for different positions via an online internal job search tool to help them explore other opportunities within American.
  • Travel benefits are important to all AA employees and their families. Employees, their families, and their friends enjoy the ability to travel just about anywhere in the world on American and American Eagle. Plus they can take advantage of discounted travel on other airlines and enjoy special rates on hotels, car rentals, cruises and a whole lot more. American Airlines travel privileges put the fun in the total AA careers package.

Positions available at American Airlines

in both America and Canada

american airline employment 02

To take advantage of these benefits you're first going to need to locate and win the position at American.

So what are some of the positions available and that keep coming up?

Security Coordinator, Customer Service Agent, Aircraft Mechanic, Engineer, Industrial Hygienist, Administrator Retail Sales, Staff Support, Engineer and GSW Flight Simulator Pilot Instructor.

As you can see this very short list is quite varied in the type of positions available to you. Also this list is incomplete and therefore you really need to further investigate all the positions listed.

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