Airwolf RC Helicopter

The Airwolf RC helicopter is an excellent indoor outdoor heliopter to fly.

Features of the Airwolf radio control helicopter are:

  • 3 channel radio control for left & right, up & down, forward & reverse operations
  • flies more than 60' high
  • extra strong crash resistant propeller
  • altitude and speed control
  • flight stabilizing system
  • super lightweight frame
  • RTF (Ready to Fly) and easy to handle
  • charge time 25 minutes
  • Fly time 7 minutes.

Some of the popular Airwolf helis are -

  • FJ-735 Gyro
  • Missile Launching
  • Skywolf
  • Syma S018
  • Syma S027

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RC Helicopter Review

If you are wondering if the Airwolf is any good to fly, check out this video of a Scale Airwolf in flight.

View the Airwolf Helicopter in flight by clicking right here.

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