airframe technician

by yousaf siraj

I am EX CHIEF/TECh Yousaf siraj PAK/478182 afr/fitte I am associate engineer in afr technology. I got retirement after serving 18 years meritorious service. I worked in mirage A/C PMF E/W for three years after basic training.

After completion of advance trade training I was posted to F 6 R F E/P kamra . I worked at Functional Test Station for five years as CPL/TECH as crew chief as well as i was specialist of servicing aero support ground equipment. With my hard and smart work I pleased my superiors. Due to some domestic problems I was posted to P A F Mushaf sargodha in Mushshak maintenance and flight line as crew chief. In 2000 i was posted to PAF Masroor E/W in MIR PMF for three years as NCO I/c PMF .I reorganised big tool store and large ground equipment.

I maintained and serviced hydraulic and pneumatic testers lying U/S since long period.I designed and manufactured towing bar to towing Mirage A/C by road for exhibition idea 2000, and got appreciation from my seniors of all level. I am regular, punctual obedient and creative. I got remarks by my officer commanding snco is highly qualified and skilled associate engineer in airframe technology. He is well trained for servicing hydraulic and pneumatic testers, pme and ground equipment snco is proficient and possesses good knowlage of relevant technolgy.

Snco has rendered 18 years of meritorious service in PAF as associate engineer.He is an honest dedicated and exceptionally reliable supervisor.

He is strongly recommended for supervision and administration and instructional job in any government and private sector inside/outside the country

After retirement I made progress in the field of education. I did graduation and in post graduation in the field of education B.ED and M.ED.
I taught maths and science in middle classes and English in secondary classes in Saint Pauls Boy High School for 4 years and discharging some special servicesdesigning and manufacturing construction machines. I was awarded the post of head of department of civil engineering ing sit technicial collage university road sargodha

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