Aircraft Technician

by Frans Gerber
(South Africa)

Dear sir/mam

My name is Frans Gerber. I am a South African. My wife and I applied for immigration to Canada during October 2006. We are waiting for our application to be processed I am physically fit and have no criminal record. My in law’s have immigrated to Canada(Vancouver North) about 9 years ago and we can’t wait to join them. They have received their Canadian citizenship a few years ago. I completed and passed the EILTS int. English exam even-thou English is not my native language.

I am currently working for the South African Air Force as a qualified Aircraft Weap. Electro Mec. I have 19 years of experience on aircraft such as HAWK100(lift), Cheeta single and dual seater(Mirage) and Impala Mk1 and 2. Tasks that I is/were competent for are Before, Between, After flight inspections, Refeuling, Fitment of fuel tanks and pylons, Aircraft marshalling, Aircraft towing, I-level inspection on aircraft pylons and emergency systems, Preparation of ordinance, O/I-level maintenance on aircraft missile syst., Removal and replacement of Martin Baker JM6 and Martin Baker Mk10 Ejection seats.

I have overhead and truck mounted crane license, as well as clarkter(aircraft towing), tractor, forklift, 5 and 8 tonne truck licenses. I have done Occupational Health and Safety and ordinance storage packaging and transportation courses. I were instructed on loading, transportation and turning to gas of liquid nitrogen for use on A/C and related systems.

My current rank is flight sergeant and I am second in charge of my section with 10 people working under me. I there fore have management and A/C and related equipment facilitating experience as well.

You must ask your self but we(you) run a civilian company and not an air-force but I think I have something to offer and think a change from the military setup is just the thing for my wife and i.

I really hope that there would be some career opportunity in your company for a responsible person as myself. If not as an maintenance program planner then elsewhere.

My e-mail address is:

Sell no: 084 555 6440

Looking forward to hearing from you


From, Frans Gerber

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