Aircraft Technician Avionics

by Anjani Kumar Singh
(Pune, Maharashtra, India)


BAMEL (IS), Elect Engg
Ph: 09623552608; Email:
Brief Overview:
Successful track record of executing prestigious projects within defined cost/time parameters, managing entire operations (profit centre) with key focus on bottom line profitability by ensuring optimal utilization of resources

Proactive, multi-skilled and innovative currently employed in the capacity of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Instrument System) and Instructor of Instrumentation System and aircraft rules and regulation with Wingsss college of Aviation Technology. I have 25 years of cross functional experience in Aviation and Aviation related field. Experience also includes over 23 yrs with the Indian Air Force as a Supervisor and retired as a Sergeant on Instrumentation System on Boeing 737-200 aircraft and Jaguar aircraft t. Self motivated, result oriented and hard working professional with demonstrated success in manpower management, resource allocation/optimization, customer relationship management. Targeting challenging assignments in the Aviation field.


• Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Basic Licence in Instrument System category, from Director General of Civil Aviation.
• Bachelor in Electrical Engineering.
• BA from Pune University (Pune)
• Diploma in Instrumentation Engineering.
• MS Office from APTEC (Gandhinagar)


• Boeing 737-200 aircraft (DGCA Approved Instrument System Course) from Indian Air Lines (New Delhi).
• Trained on Jaguar aircraft in Instrumentation System & Liquid Oxygen System from Jaguar Tettra School.
• Trained on Jaguar aircraft in Photo System from Jaguar Tettra School.
• Trade Proficiency Certificate in Instrument Fitter Trade.
• Junior Warrant Officer Management Course from Indian Air Force (Pune).

Wingsss college of Aviation Technology

Key Responsibilities:

- Entrusted with independently handling the entire gamut of activities related to Aircraft Instrumentation as an Instructor. Involved in Practical Demonstration of Operation of Flight Instruments, Engine performance Instrument and their various components.
- Accountable for conducting theory lectures on Aircraft Instrument Systems. Practical Demonstration of Instrument Systems used in Aircraft Systems. Conducting lectures on Civil Aviation Rules and Regulations (CAR) in accordance with Director General of Civil Aviation, India (DGCA.)
- Demonstration of removal & fitment of aircraft components and operational maintenance of various systems; Engine Performance Instruments, Autopilot System, Fuel Flow Instruments, Level Instruments, Temperature Instruments, Gyroscopic Instruments and Oxygen Equipment in FOKKER-27-500 Turbo-Prop aircraft.

SUPERVISOR: The Indian Air Force Aug 1985 - Jul 2008

Instrumentation System on Boeing 737-200 aircraft and Jaguar aircraft. I would like to elucidate.

Possessing valuable insights, keen analysis and team approach to implement best practices, adept at working in high pressure environments with strict deadlines and multiple deliverables.

- Rich exposure to handling line/major maintenance supervisor, Planning, Production, Project Management, Modification, Commissioning, Testing, Calibration and repair of Avionics system of Boeing 737-200 and Jaguar Aircraft.
- Solid domain knowledge in Documents of Aircraft activities in Maintenance Control Center, maintaining the Records and Basic Fire Fighting.
- Exposure to operational maintenance of all types of Instruments in the Instrument Shop.
- Perfect team manager having ability to lead cross-functional project teams and integrate their efforts to maximize operational efficiency. Proficient in striking perfect coordination with all involved agencies ensuring bottleneck-free work execution.
- Hands on experience in applied electrical System, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic principle to the commissioning and maintenance. Armed with a clear understanding, strong analytical and problem solving skills. Superior communication and interpersonal abilities.

CORE COMPETENCIES: ♦ Maintenance Management ♦ Cross Functional Coordination ♦ Operations and Maintenance ♦ Preventive Maintenance ♦ Training & Development ♦ Client Relationship Management ♦ Liaison & Coordination ♦ Process Enhancement ♦ Strategic Planning ♦ Office Administration ♦ Inventory control of logistic♦ Security Issues.

Proficiency in handling and Bay/ Shops servicing:
- Flight Instruments, Flight Data Recorder, Auto pilot, Oxygen Components (Liquid Oxygen and Gaseous Oxygen) and Engine Performance Indicating Instruments.
- Pressure Instruments and Valves: Various types of Pressure transmitters, pressure switches and valves, pressure indicators and its calibration using Dead weight testers.
- Conducting constant checks of an instrument's performance using testers and measuring instruments, and making any necessary adjustments. Temperature Instruments: Instruments comprising of various types of temperature measurement like Pyrometry, Thermocouple and Bimetallic strip.
- Electrical System, Motors, Generators, Transformer and Electrical related System.
- Level Instruments: Fuel gauging system working on the principle of variable capacitance and float switches. Electrical System: Motors, Generators, Transformer and related Electrical System.
- Power Plant Instruments: All instruments related to engine performance like tachogenerator, pressure switches, nozzle position transmitter, and pyrometric system.
- Gyroscopic Instruments: Instruments working on gyroscopic principle like Artificial Horizon, Turn and Slip Indicator. Appreciated Instrument Instructor in Wingsss College of Aviation Technology.
- Tool, Testers and Ground Equipments maintenance. Handling and updating of Maintenance and Technical Manual.

Key Responsibilities:

- In-Charge of Supervision of inventory control of logistic support for Boeing 737-200 aircraft and Jaguar aircraft.
- Charged with handling the overall General Administration, holding the appointment of section in charge and shift in charge. Accountable for handling the Office Administration, Security and Safety, managing the Correspondence Division, maintaining various Office files, database administration and drafting letters.

Date of Birth: 1st Dec 1967
Location preference: Open for relocation
Passport Details: Valid up to Aug 2016

References: Available on request

I can assure that I will undertake the assigned task unflinchingly and endeavor to complete to the best of my ability.

Place: Pune Regards

Date: 23 Apr 2011 Anjani Kumar Singh.

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