Name: Muhammad Iftikhar
Cell / Contact: +92-300-5207049
Job Category:
E-Mail Address:

A. Job Summary / Profile:-

Having rendered 21 years of meritorious service in Pakistan Air Force as Associate Engineer in Airframe Technology. Having tremendous knowledge and experience of Airframe Trade. High qualified and skilled associate engineer which include advanced theory of Flight, and Aircraft maintenances.Having vast experience of servicing of F-16 ,Mirage and F-7p Aircraft cpmponents and 1st and 2nd line maintenance.

B. Academic & Professional Qualification including job training.

a. Matric (from Rawalpindi Board)
b. B.A (from Punjab University)
a. Diploma of Associate Engineer in Airframe Technology (Pakistan Air Force)
b. Aircraft documentation course. (Pakistan Air Force)
c. OJT Management & Supervisory Course. (Pakistan Air Force)
d. Hydraulic contamination on line/off line. (Pakistan Air Force)
e. Mirage Aircraft FTD. (Pakistan Air Force)
f. F-7p Aircraft FTD. (Pakistan Air Force)
g. Ops of BS Off line (Hydraulic contamination). (Pakistan Air Force)
h. SNCO’s disciplinary course. (Pakistan Air Force)
i. Computer course. (Pakistan Air Force)
j. Certificate of Teaching. (Pakistan Air Force)

C. Total Service in Aviation Industries:

About 22 Years in Airframe Trade.

D. Professional Experience (Formal duties & responsibilities).

a. Aircraft Hydraulic, Control, Air-conditioning, Pneumatic, Fuel and Wheel & Brk system.
b. Mirage Aircraft 1st and 2nd line maintenance.
c. F-7P Aircraft 1st and 2nd line maintenance.
d. Overhauling of Mirage Aircraft components from Mechanical shop (Mirage Aircraft Rebuild factory)
e. Experience of Airframe Accessory Shop.
f. Hydraulic contamination (ops of cm20/BS Off line).
g. Documentation/log procedure. / store supervision.
h. Servicing/maintaining of ground support equipment.
i. Local QC/QA / Crew Chief/ Component shop / Hyd shop.
j. General management / administration / safety of work area/Security.
k. Maintenance of Aircraft Ground Equipment.
l. All types of Administration/management.
m. Office Automation.
n. Ops of all type of fire extinguishers

Present Employment: Mirage Aircraft Rebuild Factory, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra, Attock (Punjab).

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