Aircraft Technician, Airfield Technical Support

by Jayakrishnan Menon
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

Work Experience: Organization, Duration, Rank & Trade:

Indian Air Force –20 years (November 1991 to November 2011), Sergeant – Engine Fitter

Job Profile:

• Worked as Independent worker in Supervisory capacity in Aircraft maintenance activities in First line & Second Line servicing of aero-engine, associated system components and sub-assemblies of IL-76 and
AN-32 aircraft.

• To monitor and collate data of aircraft flying hours and landings, aero-engine life parameters and associated sub-assemblies required for forecast warning on residual life for prevention of over-utilization of these mentioned systems.

• Prepare graphical analysis of engine oil consumption ratio with respect to engine hours to monitor engine health.

• Performing the role of team leader (Gang in-charge) for aircraft servicing activity. Management of technical manpower on aircraft servicing activities in shift duties ensuring correct and full completion of allotted task.

• Maintenance of POL (Petrol, Oil and Lubricant) stores with respect to safety procedures by implementing laid down fuel and oil discipline and ensuring requisite stock for aircraft servicing activities.

• Activities related to airfield procedure for receiving and seeing off inbound/outbound aircraft, compliance of tarmac management guidelines and technical procedures ensuring maintenance and flight safety, operation of fire fighting and safety equipments. Proficient on Ground Support and Test Equipments required for maintenance support during aircraft servicing.

• Worked in Technical Control Room (TCR) as In-Charge of technical correspondence, documentation, reporting and work planning.

- Logistics procedure involved in packing, labeling and dispatch process and demanding aircraft and aero-engine accessories/components/rotables using IMMOLS (Integrated Material Management On Line System).

- Preparation of technical reports for modifications carried out/implementation of revised maintenance techniques by visiting foreign specialists (OEM) and testing and suitability report of indigenized spares introduced for IAF aircraft (Russian origin) by Indian vendors.

- Preparation of Daily Manpower State, deployment of trade-wise technical manpower for aircraft servicing tasks inducted for maintenance. Training progress of technicians, work progress report and equipment serviceability status (monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annual basis) for onward submission to Command HQs /Air HQs.

- Compilation of daily aircraft serviceability state with aircraft flying hours, landings, calculation of aero-engine operating hours, forecasting residual life of aircraft components due for completion of technical life. Logging of operation hours of aircraft flying in hours and landing basis in main airplane log book, summarization of aero-engine operational hours in engine logbooks.

- Drafting reports/presentations required for briefing VIPs/officials visiting from Command HQ/Air HQs/high ranking officials from other Air Force base.

• Development of utility software techniques for preparing reports of manpower status vis-à-vis work output to man-hours ratio.

• Materials Management related to technical manpower, introducing new type of equipment for improvising aircraft maintenance activity/changes required for infrastructure layout (for e.g.- modification of hangar/ construction of specialized bays for aircraft maintenance activities/towing/maneuvering area for towing of aircraft) to be submitted for final approval by Ministry of Defense.

• Compilation of financial data from various agencies for understanding implication of financial effects so as to enable for future allotment of funds for the required task.


Selected for performing the role of ground maintenance crew for IL-76 aircraft in a joint military exercise (Exercise Golden Eagle) with participation of military aircraft from South Africa, Germany, Sweden and Zimbabwe at Air Force Base Hoedspruit, South Africa (2004).


Senior Secondary School Certificate (62%), Mumbai Board, Mumbai
Higher Secondary School Certificate (68%), Mumbai Board, Mumbai

Additional Qualification:

Working knowledge in MS Word, Excel, Access & PowerPoint,

Service Courses and Certification (Indian Air Force):

• Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Engine Fitter) • IAF Graduation Certificate
• Trade (Engine Fitter) Proficiency Certificate • Course on IL-76 MD & on AN-32 Aircraft
• Aviation Operation and POL Quality Control Course (issued by Indian Oil Corporation) • Course on Networking and Webpage Design

Personal Profile:

• Date of Birth : 20th January, 1973
• Marital Status: Married
• Languages Known: English, Hindi, Marathi & Malayalam

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