Aircraft mechanic

by Abdu hussain
(east sussex, uk )

Aircraft Mechanic

Abdellhamid Hussain
F.1 , 79A Boundary Road, Hove, BN35TD
Telephone: +447821 442 818
Nationality: British

A motivated and enthusiastic individual with strong experience within Aircraft Engineering studies and real-work experience. Able to work well in team-focused environments, with the ability to complete tasks to high standard of professionalism. Consistently demonstrates, with the ability to learn and apply new skills in a timely manner, in line with the requirements of the business. Possesses strong interpersonal skills and can communicate in both English and Arabic.
Secondary School (Khartoum): equivalent of A levels
. Arabic Language.
. English Language.
. Elementary Mathematics.
. Biology.
. Physics.
. Chemistry.
. Environment Studies.

LEVEL 2 :-
. Electrical Fundamentals.
. Piston Engines.
. Math and Science.
. Theory of Flight and Controls.
. Practical and Electrics.
. Aeronautical Construction.
. Aeronautical Propulsion System.
. Aircraft Electrical and Avionic Systems.
. Aviation Mathematics and Science.
LEVEL 3 :-
. Aviation Mathematics and Science.
. Aviation Legislation.
. Human Factors.
. Electrical Fundamentals.
. Basic Aerodynamics.
. Aircraft Materials and Hardware.
. Aircraft Structure and Maintenance.
. Aircraft Mechanical Systems.
. Gas turbine Engines and Propellers.
( Gained Workshop training in ) :-
# Panels and Cowling's removal.
# Cabin seats and harness removal.
# Piston engines identification.
# Exhaust and induction system maintenance.
# Piston engines cylinder assembly.
# Fuel system maintenance / inspection.
# Spark plug maintenance.
# Aircraft brakes.
# Landing gear & wheels.
# Control surface removal / refit.
# Cylinder compression check.
# RB211-22B oil filters removal and magnetic chip detector.
# RB211-22B fuel filters removal and inspection.
# RB211-22B fan blade removal and refit.
# Wire locking exercise.
# Riveting exercise.
# Drill / thread / radius gauge.
# Use of micrometer and verniers.
BEng aeronautical engineering. (University of Brighton)

Feb. 2010- Date Redhill Aviation
To ensure that all machinery, equipment and systems they are in the functions within the specified operating parameters.
• I am responsible for the repairs, refurbishments and general amendments to mechanical product installed on the aircraft or complex mechanical assemblies.
• Aims are to ensure that safety is always the paramount consideration.
May2003-dec2006 Weatherseal Double Glazing
. Organising appointments with customers around Southern the UK.
. Attend to customer’s houses to measure the windows or doors to be done and give a quote.
. check pepper work with supervisor to ensure the quote given was correct and inform the customer.

Health: Excellent
Drive: Full/Clean
Interests: Maintaining a high level of physical fitness

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