Aircraft Mechanic

by EEnrique Diaz
(Jacintos 44 COL.INDECO San Juan del Rio Queretaro 76808 Mexico)

EEnrique Diaz
Jacintos 44 Col Indeco San Juan Del Rio QRO, 76808 Mexico 011 52 427

 FAA Mechanic License with A&P Rating
 Strong mechanical skills in aviation maintenance (rigging to replace cables, pulley assemblies in small
airplanes, reciprocating engines, diagnostic troubleshooting components.
 Sheet metal experienced (repair wings, fuselage, performing repairs in aluminum and titanium skin)
 Composites experienced in building aircraft parts in graphite (carbon) Kevlar fabrics in a process to
compensate its strength resistant through a temperature level to for its shape
 Effective team member with the ability to assume responsibility and perform independently, willing to contribute at highest levels of ability, fluent written/oral Spanish and interpreting for conferences to either English to Spanish.

Aviation Maintenance Technician Program - Aviation Institute of Maintenance, Chesapeake, VA 2009
 Airframe and Powerplant Aviation Certificate
 Comprehensive Cessna-standard aircraft Composite repairs
 Airframe: Piper PA-23 and PA-38, Apache, Tomahawk Cessna 337 Super Skymaster
 Powerplant: Pratt and Whitney PT-6, Westinghouse J34, JT15dD, Garrett TPE-331,
Lycoming 0-320 and 0-235: continental TSIO520, IO360, and IO470

 Performed a project in the hanger to re-rigged a Cessna and Tomahawk, taking measurements base on
manufactures maintenance manual to used same cable and read tolerance, used potentiometer to read
correct reading tolerance, adjust pulleys, & inspected its mechanisms from cockpit
 Diagnosed Aztec airplane right engine to see performance (did not keep normal smoothness as the left
engine), removed magneto to re-set the points, removed starter for cleaning and grease it to installed back,
then the engine performed smooth flowing running as the left engine
 Sheet Metal Project - built patch on skin following maintenance manual to apply same alloy metal, made
the measurements to install riveted in the correct alignment, performed composite project with graphite
(carbon) and resin and layer of fiberglass to reinforce strength through this process a bleed fabric and a
bleed bag was used to seal, connected thermocouples to leave project wire to a device for heat suction for
9-to10 hours in a room temperature to complete its strengthens

Triumph. Aerospace Systems, Newport News, VA Jun. to Nov. 2009
Built parts for airplanes as graphite (carbon) to shape its form to the process in applying fiberglass
and bleeder fabric and taken to the oven with thermocouples and setting the time and degrees for
to compensate ductility strength for few hours then next day after is dry remove it from its molds.
Reliance Staffing, Virginia Beach, VA Dec. 2007 to Apr. 2008
Provided services within production area of assigned organization in re-set the mechanisms to
continue for the assigned numbers of parts, manufactured hundreds of parts on assembly line,
maintained high degree of quality control for every single project and troubleshooting malfunctions. .
Southern Industrial Constructors, Raleigh, NC Jun. 2001 to Jun. 2006
Performed preventive maintenance for air conditioning, cleaned chillers, washed fin towers, and
changed filters, belts, grease generators bearing, troubleshooting electrical breaker boxes that were connected to the controls. Repaired power tools in a variety of settings where required.
Raleigh Community Hospital, Raleigh, NC 2000 to 2001 Assistant Construction Project Manager, provided oversight of hospital in-house remodeling,
performed general maintenance/repaired labs, installed cabinets, counters, services as needed (electrical, plumbing, carpentry, locksmith, electrical doors).

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