Aircraft mechanic trainee

by Cristian Bumb
(Budapest, Hungary )

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to apply for the starter career position of an aircraft mechanic in your company this way.

I was the student of the Kossuth Lajos Bilingual Technical Secondary and Vocational School in Budapest , Hungary from 2008-10, where I graduated as an aircraft mechanic with a certificate which evaluation is excellent /A level/.

My professional training took place in the training hangar of the Secondary School in the first year, later through the Educational Training Center of MALEV I had a student labour contract, so I could work for the Budapest Ferihegy Aeroplex of Central Europe.

I was the winner of a tender in March 2010, so I could take part in professional training for three weeks in Ireland at the Shannon Aerospace Ltd.

The three weeks I spent there are the basic points of my decisions. I think the knowledge of the English language is very important because it is the universal language of this profession. Furthermore I would like to improve my knowledge and gain more experiences. At the same time I could have some chances to get over new challenges such as adapting to new surroundings, meeting the requirements of your company. So I search for a workplace where I can find these possibilities.

I have been learning English for 13 years. I passed my English final exam a year before matura exam in High School. At the end of my high school years I took an English exam in higher level with a good result. As an addition I am the native speaker of Romanian and Hungarian.

My long-term goal is to become a good aircraft mechanic and stand the ground of this position.
I hope my lines make you interested and we will be able to meet personally in the future.
If you want to contact me my phone number is 0036-30-9023068.
Email :

Yours faithfully,
Cristian Bumb

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