Aircraft Mechanic & Aircraft Technician

by Gustavo
(Argentine Republic )

Dear Sir/Madam

Currently, I work for Austral in Argentina. Austral covers the domestic and regional flights for Aerolineas Argentinas.
My training is in Aircraft Technical Mechanics and I hold license type C. I have been in my present employment for the past six years.
My experience is mostly in the MD Series 80 and I have some past experience in B-737 200.
I am seeking an overseas position in the field of aircraft technical mechanics to gain a wider experience with a greater variety of aircraft.
I have ability, initiative and willingness to develop further in my field.
I have learned English at High School and I am at present taking private English lessons. I would be interested in either a short term contract or in a longer one.
I am single and would be able to travel at short notice. I need to give four weeks notice at my present job.
I will attach copies of my qualifications at your request.
I thank for your attention to this matter and await your answer.
Yours truly.

Personal Date:

First name: Cesar Gustavo
Surname: Pascual
Birth date: 26 September 1975
Marital status: Singles
Nationality: Argentine
Address: F. Ameghino 1999, Luis Guillon, Buenos Aires, 1838, Argentina.


I have license “C” issued by FAA (Fuerza Aerea Argentina) Which allows me to work on commercial aircraft, private jets and in aircraft workshop.
1991-1993: Completed my studies in Aircraft Mechanics in Centro Universitario de Aviacion.
1994-1996: Completed my studies as an Aircraft Technician in Centro Univercitario de Aviacion.
Work experience:
1997-2002 I worked in aero clubs in maintenance and service of club planes and as a fitter in their workshops.
2003 to current year I am working for Aerolineas Argentinas/Austral, performing task
•Air conditioning
•Landing gear
•Engines (Pratt & Whitney JT8D-217/219 and JT8D-15A)
•Electrical tasks


I am seeking to expand my knowledge and experience in my field of aircraft mechanics, and to work in a greater variety of aircraft. I can contribute with my experience, knowledge and skill.

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