Aircraft Maintenance

by Leovemar De guia
(Pateros Metro Manila, Philippines)

Position Applied for: Aircraft Mechanic

Curriculum Vitae

Address: 1281 A.P. Rosales St., Sta. Ana Pateros Metro Manila, Philippines

Work Experience
Chemtrad Aviation Corporation
Chemtrad Hangar, North Maintenance Section
Andrews Avenue, Manila Domestic Airport, Pasay City
Aircraft Mechanic from
June 6, 2006 up to March 5, 2009

Job Description
∆ Performed Marshalling
∆ Performed Headset in arrival & departure
∆ Performed walk around check
∆ Performed transit check
∆ Performed daily check
∆ Performed Refueling
∆ Performed Oil servicing (Engine Oil tank, Integrated Drive Generator, Back-up Generator)
∆ Performed Hydraulic Fluid Servicing
∆ Cabin Audit and Lavatory Check
∆ Performed APU power-up procedure following with check list
∆ Performed APU shut down following with check list
∆ Fabricating of Lower and Upper Cowlings and Nose Radom
∆ Installation of Propeller spinner.
∆ Removal of cylinder.
∆ Grinding valves and removing carbon.
∆ Removal and installation of propellers.
∆ Removal, installation, and repair of landing gear tires.
∆ Servicing landing gear wheel bearings such as cleaning and greasing.
∆ Replenishing hydraulic fluids in hydraulic reservoir.
∆ Replacing or cleaning and setting of spark plug gap clearance.
∆ Remove and replace of break assembly.
∆ Performed pre-flight and post flight inspection.
∆ Maintains a clean and neat working area at all times and follows all company safety rules
and regulations.
∆ Can work under minimum supervision.
∆ Can work under time pressure.
∆ Performs other related duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Eligibility Background:

Have passed the Aircraft Mechanic License at Air Transportation Office (ATO) Philippines w/ License No. 16664.

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