Aircraft Jet Engine Mechanic or Maintenance Planning Specialist


I'm TSg AURELIO N VALENCIA JR PAF (RETIRED), I've been employed in the Philippine Air Force for fifteen (15) years as Jet Engine Technician of AS-211 (J15D-4c engine) and F-5 fighter aircraft. I also served as Aircraft Record and Data analysis Specialist for five (5) years..I have undergone the JT15D-4c Heavy Maintenance course under the Product Support (Philippines) of Pratt and Whitney,Canada with Technical Representative George Watson..I also completed the Military Logistics Management Familiarization through the Joint US Military Advisory Group (JUSMAG) Philippines..I would like help finding job as an Aircraft Jet Engine Mechanic or Maintenance Planning Specialist in Airlines or Military Installation..Should there be available job for me, My email address is am looking forward of working with any aircraft related job around the world..Thank You...Here are my job description and special skills acquired during my active years in the military service particularly the Philippine Air Force.


- Advises on technical problems of repair and maintenance of Turbo Jet Engines and Aircraft systems.

- Performs and supervises test stand functions on aircraft and jet engines.

- Determines repair procedures necessary to correct defective equipment.

- Removes, Install, inspect, repair of jet engines, including small gas turbine engines.

- Inspect jet engines to determine operational status in accordance with the technical publication.

- Determines engine performance by computing engine thrust, specific fuel consumption, engine RPM and Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) in accordance with flight manual.

- Performs inspections and preventive maintenance on jet engines, including small gas turbine and turbojet engine.

- Performs engine periodic and special inspections, TCTO?s, TCI compliance as per service bulletin, supplemental bulletin by checking engine components for cracks, dents, security of attachment, servicing, leakage, foreign matters, clearances, deformations and proper safeties.

- Operates the engine and perform engine test according to applicable manual, to include checking for leaks, performing engine trimming, adjustments and performances checks.

- Diagnoses and recognizes trouble through evaluation of engine system performance check and determine possible causes using technical order and diagrams.


- Performs engine installation and removal, to include rigging of control linkage, connecting of fuel lines, hydraulic lines and pneumatic system.

- Performs Hot Section Inspections on turbojet and jet engine in accordance with the maintenance technical manuals.

- Troubleshoot aircraft and engine general system malfunctions and accomplish maintenance recovery of fighter aircraft.

- Computer related activity, encoding especially Microsoft Office, Powerpoint, Word and Excel software

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