Aircraft Instruments, Electrical & AVIONICS Mechanic

by tariq

Work Summary:-
I have an excellent work experience covering 24 years practical work experience of Aircraft 1st Line, 2nd Line & 3rd Line / Overhauling of Aircraft & Supervisor of Aircraft Avionics workshop & performed following activities.
Dismantling, inspecting, testing, repairing and reassembling aircraft electrical systems, testing aircraft communication equipment, aircraft instrumentation and electronic systems using electronic testing equipment & specialized test apparatus.
Replacing and testing aircraft oxygen system components.
Conducting routine pre-flight inspections.
Aircraft Instruments, Electrical & AVIONICS Mechanics, Technician & Inspectors.
Scheduled inspection (Daily, Pre/Post Flight Servicing) of Aircraft.
Schedule Maintenance / Inspection / Routine / Servicing & Flexible operation of Aircraft.
Fault finding & trouble shooting, Circuit Tracing of Aircraft Instruments / Electrical Equipments, Control & Supervise work of a complete watch / shift, Modification (Aerospace / Avionics) in Aircraft. Holding Aircraft documents & maintenance control. Air maintenance coordinating Air Instruments Artificer IV, Maintenance controller supervisor of Aircraft Harness / Wiring / Connectors / Cables / Pins & Sleeves. Supervisor of Aircraft Instruments / Electrical workshop flying instrument maintenance.
Aircraft maintenance operator (Seaking Helicopter), Instructor Instrument trade, Incharge / supervisor Aircraft battery workshop. Incharge firefighting & section security, Incharge technical & Aircraft publication, Aircraft workshop supervisor.
Supervisor of Aircraft instrument / electrical workshop engine instrument maintenance.
Supervisor of all types of Aircraft GYRO instruments maintenance.
Supervisor of the following Aircraft Systems:-

 Automatic Flight control system maintenance.
 Aircraft Techo Generator & Indicator maintenance.
 Aircraft compass system.
 Aircraft technical store & air technical publications.
 Flight Servicing.
 Aircraft corrosion team.
 Aircraft ground support equipments.
 Store, POL, Tool Control, Inventory Record, Store packing, Preservation of Aircraft equipment component, material & parts.
 Dock landing facility.
 Aircraft towing.
 Refueling & defueling.
 Aircraft pitot static instruments.
 AC, DC Components.
 Fault finding and troubleshooting.
 Repairing and maintenance work temperature, pressure, vibration, speed, exhaust temperature, all types of transmitter, all types of switches, all types of gauges.
 Record updation analyzers.
 Authorized of calibration & maintenance of various types of control actuators, e.g hydraulics, pneumatics & motorized control valves.
 Various types Aircraft workshop test equipments.

High skill motivated & work under pressure, well aware personal and equipment safety, environmental protection and quality knowledge and work experience in different control system.
 Incharge / Supervisor of maintenance / Charging / Recharging & capacity test of Aircraft batteries (Nickel / Cadmium / Lithium / Lead Acid(Fix wing / Rotary wing Aircraft)).
 Ground Support Vehicle Supervisor & Maintenance controller.
 Senior Artificer IV at 111 Anti Submarine WARFARE SQUARDRON / Flight Line.
 Incharge of Aircraft maintenance control organization.
 Quality control / Assurance inspector.
 Senior Artificer at seaking Helicopter instrument / electrical workshop.
 Member of operational readiness inspection (AVIONICS).
 Instructor of instrument / electrical trade military personals.
 Training & authorization reviewer of Aviation Personnel.
 Flight Servicing Inspector.
 Aircraft towing supervisor.
 Seen leader of fire fighting.
 Carried out day / night marshaling of seaking helicopter.
 Incharge computer section & mail correspondence controller of instrument electrical workshop.
 Maintenance supervisor & administration supervisor.
 Supervisor of aircraft, General and electrical instruments, air data furnishing system, breathing equipment, automatic control and flying aids, maintenance management, Aircraft GYRO & Navigational equipment, electrical & electronic equipments.
List of Measuring Instruments used:-
 Voltmeters
 Thermocouple
 Thermistors
 Analog Digital Thermometer
 Watt Meter
 Oscilloscope
 Ammeters
 Frequency Meter
 Tachometers
 Clamp Meter (Tong Tester)
 Wheatstone Bridge
 Analog / Digital Multimeter
 Ohm Meter
 Synchro Tester
 Fuel Quantity Tester
 FuelComputer Tester
 AFCS Tester
 Dead Weight Tester
Electrical Tools:-
 Hacksaw
 Hand File
 Hole Cutter
 Vernier Caliper
 Torque Wrenches and torque Converters
 Hammer, Mallet, Plastic
 Chisel
 Allen Keys of various dimensions and types
 Pipe Benders
 Pipe Cutters
 Chain Blocks
 Electric Overhead Hoist and Cranes
 Line / Circuit Tester
 Vernier Height Gauge
 Electronic Height Caliper
 Ball Pane Hammer
 C-Clamps and G-Clamps
 Die Grinders, Surface Grinders and Bench Grinders
 Magnetic Drill
 Cutting Pliers, Noise Pliers
 Cir-clip pliers (Internal and external type)
 Hand drills
 Spanners and wrenches
 Allen Keys of various dimensions and types
 Pipe Benders
 Spirit Level
 Soldering Iron

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