A&C Mechanic

by amila katugampola
(207 negombo road kurunegala Srilanka.)

I have followed and successfully completed The Certificate in Aviation Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical: Maintenance) at Asian Aviation Centre. This certificate is offered by Kangan Batman Institute of TAFE, Melbourne, Australia. This course duration was two years.

The course content is as follows,

Part (A) Common Core Module

1) Introduction to Aviation
2) Occupatational in Health & Safety in Aviation
3) Tech Documentation, Drawing & Quality Standards
4) Trade Skills 1
5) Fluid Power & Oxygen
6) Introduction to Electrical Principles
Part (B) Mechanical Modules

1) Trade Skills 2
2) Mechanical Transmission
3) Aircraft Trade Fundamentals
4) Electrical Systems
5) Maintenance Practices
6) Fluid Principles
7) Theory of Flight
8) Logical Fault Finding
9) Hydraulic Systems
(Purposely identified Hydraulic system & Components/Removal & installation wiper actuators, Engine driven pump, hydraulic system filters,? etc as practical?s)
10) Pneumatic Systems
11) Aircraft Auxiliary Systems
(Purposely identified fuel system & engine control system/Removing & cleaning filter elements as practical?s)
12) Under Carriage Systems
(Main wheel removal & installation/servicing shimmy damper system/main landing gear accumulator pressure check/purposely identified landing gear system components as practical?s)
13) Composites
(Structural repairs, fiber glass laminate was done as practical?s)
14) Gas Turbine Principles
15) Gas Turbine Engine Systems
16) Piston Engine Principles
17) Piston Engine Systems
18) Piston Engine Installation, Operation & Maintenance. (Major & minor overhaul the Avco Lycoming O-235 engine, Crankshaft run-out check, Valve timing, Magneto timing was done as practical?s.)
19) Propellers & Propeller Systems
20) Fixed Wing Flight Control Systems
21) Pressurization
(Purposely identified components)
22) Rotary Flight Instruments
23) Air Cycles Air-conditioning Systems
(Purposely identified components)
24) Rotary Flight Systems & Maintenance
25) Vapor Cycle Air-conditioning Systems
26) Aircraft material & Processes
(Temporarily repairing to plastic windows or windshield material was done as practical?s)
27) Pattern Development
28) Damage Evaluation
29) Aircraft Repair-Process & Procedures
(Aircraft skin repair carried out with producing structural repair project report.)
30) Air Legislation
I have also followed and successfully completed Eddy current Testing Level 1 at The Atomic Energy Authority in October 2009.

The course content is as follows,

1) Crack Detection
2) Material Thickness Measurements
3) Coating Thickness Measurements
4) Conductivity Measurements
I have also followed and successfully completed Ultrasonic testing level 1 at Atomic Energy Authority in February 2010.

The course content is as follows,
1) Basic Principles of Ultrasonic
2) Inspect and measure samples
3) Calibrate instruments
4) Understand manufacturing discontinuities
5) Immersion Testing
6) Flaw detection
7) Ultrasonic Testing

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