A & P Mechanic or Avionics

by George Moll
(Highland, CA)

My name is George Moll,

I currently finished an Aviation Technician training to be a mechanic. In Sn Bernardino Valley College, I also finished my degree in education to be able to further my enthusiasm in Aerospace. I studied all separate and possible, classes (extra classes of subjects) in Aviation which includes; Composites, Private Pilot, and VFR/Weather Class.

My professors are willing to release recommendations to any hiring facility to express my good work ethics with people and my details at performing my job.

I do speak three different languages besides English: Italian, Spanish, and Russian.

I am also willing to travel and to study if the job requires or offers any extra classes.

My ideal job would be working as an A&P Mechanic or installing electronics/avionics on any aircraft as my desire to be around aircraft is what I want to do.

Please keep in mind my desire to work as a mechanic and get in touch with me to find a position,

Yours Truly,

George Moll

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