A & P Mechanic Jobs In South East Asia

by Gubatan,mark anthony

I am Mr.Mark Anthony Gubatan I have been an A&P Mechanic for almost five years here in Lufthansa technik Philippines. I am skilled and experience aircraft mechanic in BASE MAINTENANCE :
Performs aircraft system component Removal/Installation ENGINE TYPE CFM56 series for Airbus 340-300/Airbus 319-100/Airbus320-200, engine type CF680E1 Airbus 330-300 and CF680C2 B747-400 using bootstrap method engine replacement, Replacement of Engine components such as Integrated drive generator unit, engine driven pumps, starter valve, starter unit, High Pressure valve, Intermediate Pressure valve, Overpressure valve, Pressure regulating valve, Pressure regulating and shutoff valve, hydro mechanical unit, fuel pumps, fuel and oil filters. Replacement of thrust reverser pivoting type, Thrust reverser actuators, hoses and tubes. Thrust reverser cascade type, translating cowl, central drive unit, blocker doors etc. Performs engine washing using Juniper compressor washing equipment (GASPATH).
Performs Auxiliary Power plant Unit removal and installation APU type Garret GTCP 331-350c A330,A340/Allied Signal Aerospace Company 131-9(A) A319,A320/PW 901A B747-400, as well as replacement of APU fuel nozzles, APU generator, APU starter, fuel flow divider.
Air-conditioning system replacement components such as ozone converter, COALIZER, REHEATER condenser, heat exchanger, flow control valve, air cycle machine, bypass valve, etc.
Performs Fuel system cleaning of aircraft tank for microbial inspections, cleaning aircraft tanks using bio KATON, opening/closing under wing fuel tank access panel as well as baffle plate for fuel collector cell.
Test, Adjustment, Inspection, Troubleshooting, ROUTINE/NON-ROUTINE TASKS of Transit, Weekly, Daily, S1, S2, ‘A-check’ as well as ‘C’ checks consistent with the quality standards set by customer airlines as well as accomplishes modification instructions and alterations issued by Engineering to satisfy manufacturer, customer and government regulatory specifications on all our customer’s and company aircrafts.
I have highly skilled and work experienced with narrow and wide body aircraft such as AIRBUS A318/A319/A320, AirbusA330-300 Airbus340-300 and BOEING 747-400, B737-400, B777-300 E.R.

Good and have a nice day Sir/Madam this is my resume with completed and updated, certificates
And trainings, it’s OK for me to wait for any vacant position as aircraft technician. If ever there will be a hiring again you will never encounter problems between Lufthansa, your office and me because I have no any existence contract and liabilities with Lufthansa TECHNIK. Anymore regarding trainings, or in any kind of legal papers. so therefore if I one of the applicant who will choose by your office someday I will definitely resign here from my post ,in observance of only 1 month, to clear my name and make my self exit clearly with Lufthansa. I hope someday I will be part of your company .Thanks and God Bless.

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