A & P Mechanic in East Africa

by Brian Wafula Nyongesa
(Awendo, Nyanza, Kenya)

Date Of Birth : July 29, 1986
ID Number : 24492704
PIN Number : A005431951M
NSSF No : 869338927
Address : (Factory Drawing Office) P.O. Box 107
Town : Sare – Awendo
Postcode : 40405
Country : Kenya
Mobile : +254724636289
Email : jerry_brn@yahoo.com
Marital Status : Single
Religion : Christian

To obtain a rewarding Post as an Aircraft Mechanic in the Field of Aircraft Maintanance That offers me a room for growth towards management.
To nurture and maximize my potential in the sugar industry by being a team player and exhibiting great commitment and dedication in my duties where I would make a significant contribution using my knowledge and competencies to realize the desired company’s objectives.
Seeking a job as an Aircraft Mechanic, assistant with the ability to co-ordinate the efforts of many to meet desired goals with the help of high energy and collaboration skills. A challenging and rewarding position in the Sugar Industry.

•Tactical Aircraft Maintenance , Airframe and Power plant Base Maintenance
•Aircraft Cabin Maintenance
•Technical Machine Drawing and Interpretation
•Technical Information Storage, Cataloging and Filing.

•Ability to Multitask
•Team Work and Detail Oriented
•Meet Deadlines
•Strong Problem Solving Abilities
•Analytic and Leadership Abilities
•Fast Learner and Results Oriented.

Professionally Trained, and experienced technician with a specialty in technical drawing, machine drawing interpretations and aircraft maintenance and repair.

•Technical Drawing
•Human Factor
•Aircraft Airframe and Power Plant Maintenance
•Aircraft Cabin Maintenance

Working knowledge of various software and applications such as AutoCAD version 2000, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Also, ArchiCAD (All Versions), Ms Word, Excel, Outlook, Project, PowerPoint, Access, AMS Willow, Corel Draw and PDF Complete.

•Best Overall Student 2006
•Class Representative of The Year 2007

1.2005 – 2009, Eldoret Aviation Training Institute, Kenya.
Course: Aeronautical Engineering (Airframes and Engines Option).
•Three Year technical training course approved by the director general of civil aviation, Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Higher Education, Government of the Republic of Kenya and Examined by the Kenya National Examinations Council.
•Training Conducted in mechanical stream and the course module includes:
i. Aircraft rules and regulations
ii. Aircraft hardware
iii. Airfield safety and procedures
iv. Flight Mechanics (Aerodynamics)
v. Engineering Mathematics
vi. Aircraft Structure Repairs (Airframes)
vii. Aircraft Instruments
viii. Workshop Technology
ix. Jet Engine Theory Systems (Propulsion)
x. Aircraft Material and Metallurgy
xi. Jet Engine Maintenance
xii. Engineering Drawing
xiii. Industrial Organization and Management.

2.2004 – 2005, South Nyanza Sugar Company Limited, Kenya.
Course: Information and Communications Technology
•One Year Vocational Training conducted by the company to its staff on the company’s technological and computer systems.
•Training conducted as an apprentice with the company.
3.2000 – 2003, Rapogi Secondary School (Joseph’s), Kenya.
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)
•Subjects: - English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History and Government and Drawing and Design.
4.1995 – 1999, Sony Complex Primary School, Kenya.
Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE)
•Subjects: - English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Science and Agriculture, Social Studies, Art Craft and Music, Home Science and Business Education.

1.April 2010 – To Date, South Nyanza Sugar Company Limited, Sare Awendo, Kenya
Position: - Technical Draftsman (AutoCAD)/Technical Clerk
Nature of The Job
•Preparation of drawings for foundry layout and equipment fabrication using AutoCAD 2011.
•Carrying out production work of engineering technical drawings and sketches as required by the manufacturing and engineering team
•Interpreting drawings and ensuring accurate implementations
•Controlling drawings then reproducing and distribution of the same as may be required from time to time using AutoCAD 2011.
•Ensuring All modifications and amendments are well documented.
•Developing designs for proposed new equipment layouts and products.
•Providing technical advice on engineering drawings and carrying out inspections of spares to ensure they conform to working drawings.
•Keeping records of mill setting calculations and carrying out board trials installation with the area engineer.
•Providing comprehensive project services and reporting on status including cost of projects carried out by the company in the manufacturing department.
•Managing and maintaining the factory library (control, equipment manuals and assets register) equipment tools and their operations.
•Keeping an updated register of the factory assets.
•Preparations of drawings for sample casting using AutoCAD 2011.

2.May 2007 – August 2007, CMC Aviation Limited, Wilson Airport, Nairobi Kenya
Position: - Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice/Technical Clerk
Performed the Following Tasks;
•Daily inspection schedule checks on Cessna Caravan and Cessna 421 types of aircrafts.
•Inspection of fuselage, engine and propellers.
•Compilation of Technical Reports.
•Wheel Change and Cargo Compartment Inspection
•Maintaining logs and records of aircraft airframe and engine.
•Servicing, maintenance, and troubleshooting on every areas of the aircraft from tips on wings to nose to tail, landing gear, exterior and interior, including replacement and removal of component parts, lubrication, repairs, refueling and recoveries.
•Expert in aircraft towing, battery connections and disconnections, engine cowl removal and installation.
•Check up PT6 engines as well as trouble shooting of component parts.
•Servicing, testing and repairing aircraft under the supervision of a certified aircraft maintenance engineer.
Worksheets available on request.

3.August 2006 – October 2006, Kenya Airways, JKIA, Nairobi Kenya.
Position: - Intern Aircraft Maintenance Technician/Technical Clerk
Performed the following tasks
•Daily inspection tasks on aircraft using drawings and manuals
•Handling transit arrivals and departures
•Layover and extended transit checks
•Associated with A-1/2/3/4/5 Checks
•Action/Rectification on scheduled and unscheduled Base Maintenance tasks.
•Checks and Defect recording, troubleshooting, Bleed health checks on turbo fan engine systems
•Performed maintenance on aircraft cabin interior.
•Removal and installation of stretcher on aircraft.
•Leak and pressurization checks, collessor bag removal and installation on air-conditioning system.
•Implementation of cabin enhancement tasks.
•Recording/reporting of performed maintenance tasks
•Wheel assembly change and nitrogen charging of oleo strut.
On following aircraft.
a.Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 767-300ER, Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 737-200 fitted with JT8D-9A/15, CFM 56-3C1, CFM56-7B, TRENT800 RB211 and CF6-80C2 Engines.
b.SAAB 340B fitted with CT7-9 engines
Worksheets available on request.

•English – read, write and speak
•Kiswahili – read, write and speak
•French – read, write and speak
•Dholuo – read and speak
•Luhya (Bukusu) – speak
•Kalenjin – speak

•Reading and research
•Cycling and watching sports documentaries
•Surfing the web
•Outdoor games like football.

1.Mr. Richard Misigo Imbambi
Projects Manager
South Nyanza Sugar Company Limited
P.O. Box 107 – 40405 Sare Awendo
Tel: - +254722205345/6/7 ext 2409
Mobile: - +254722610068
Email – rimbambi@sonysugar.co.ke

2.Mr. James K. Tarus
Chief Principal
Eldoret Aviation Training Institute
P.O. Box 7435 – 30100 Eldoret
Mobile - +254723506824
Email – eatieldoret@yahoo.com

3.Mr. Kenn Nyang’wara
Sales Operation Assistant
South Nyanza Sugar Company Limited
P.O. Box 107 – 40405 Sare Awendo
Tel: - +254722205345/6/7 ext 2281
Mobile - +254722975802
Email – kenyangwara@sonysugar.co.ke

4.Mr. Richard Gwaro Kibagendi
Technical Draftsman
South Nyanza Sugar Company Limited
P.O. Box 107 – 40405 Sare Awendo
Tel: - +254722205345/6/7 ext 2356
Mobile: - +254726053570
Email – rgwaro@sonysugar.co.ke

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