The Easy Glide

You have come to learn how to make the Easy Glide paper airplane.

Some times the hardest part about building paper planes is understanding the instructions to make paper airplanes.

However the instructions for making this paper plane are written for all to follow and understand. You will be flying and running around very soon.

This paper airplane got it's name from the way it takes to the sky. This plane will just float air gently and carefree.

I love to stand at the top of some stairs to launch this plane. It gracefully flies through the air just like a glider that has been released from it's tow plane.

Have loads and loads of fun!

There you did it! See I told you that these instructions to make your paper airplane ARE EASY.

Now let's see if I can help you fly The Easy Glide. It is such a great plane to fly you're going to love it.

Where did I put those instructions?


Did you happen to hear the good news that has been going around?

You didn't. Let me bring you up to speed.

There are a number of paper airplanes here for you to make. All of these are reasonably easy to make and so much fun to fly.

Child Care Centers, Kindergarten teachers, home schoolers, mums and dads come here to teach their kids how to make these excellent paper airplanes.

Why not take a look around and have a go at making all five paper planes. Make, build and grow your very own airforce. I'm sure you (oops, I mean your children) will have a lot of fun with this.

I actually created The Easy Glide paper plane after first of all learning how to make another type (I can't remember which one).

After studying some necessary folds, I set about to teach myself a new way. What a lot of fun it was and the only reason I decided to learn was because of my idea to build this website.

Now I'm earning an income from something as simple as a paper airplane.

If you have an idea that you have been thinking about for some time, perhaps you should click that link at the bottom of this page - "Click here to learn how to leave your job sooner" also.

Who knows, you too could be your very own boss.

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