Origami Paper Airplanes

Origami paper airplanes would have to be the easiest fun a person can ever have. Let's face it - a piece of paper, some instuctions or a plan to follow and within minutes your paper airplane is ready for take-off.

I know lots of people who think "Oh no - I'm not good at Oragami." Did you know that Origami means paper folding.

Therefore paper airplanes and Origami paper airplanes is the same thing.

oragami paper airplanes 01

After your initial launch your imagination kicks in and you make some necessary changes to improve your first flight.

Most origami paper airplanes are made with white paper. I know that you can do better than that. How about red (it goes faster some people say), or yellow, or blue?

Here's another great thing about paper airplanes -

Origami paper airplanes can be flown just about all the time, except of course when you're sleeping. They are such a wonderful thing to own.

You might be:-

:) Sitting at home waiting for the rain to stop.

:) Nothing interesting to watch on television (which is most the time). Really which is more fun - staring at a television or running after the paper airplane you designed, made, put through it's test flight and now flies really well.

:) With your friends having competitions for who's paper airplane flies the highest, furthest, fastest, funniest, best OR all of these together.

Want some more ideas? What about where to fly your paper airplanes?

I reckon it's easier to think about where we can't go flying.

If there are too many people around your paper plane might hit them in the face. We know that they fly really, really fast, so we don't want anybody to get hurt. Imagine one hitting you in the eye - OUCH!!

So that means places like the local shopping centre, the movies, on a bus, in the city etc; are way too crowded. However if you have a park in the city is a great place to fly!

You can't fly them too close to water (for that you will probably need a Origami paper boat - hee,hee). The bath, shower, a swimming pool, near the waves at the beach etc - probably not a good idea.

Also it's not a good idea to go airplane flying when your pet dog wants to play. You know that your dog is going to want to play to - WITH IT'S MOUTH! I sure am glad I'm not inside that plane.

What about - Who can fly paper planes?

Just about anyone can. Make, throw and fly one of these great fun, easy to make, cheap on the wallet/purse planes which provides good exercise to keep you healthy.

Dads, Mums and Grandparents too. Brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, neighbors, friends, strangers also. Origami Paper Airplanes are for everyone.

GO FOR IT ! ! !

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